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COG OLED Module Selection Guide

To help customers quickly choose the right COG OLED display module, we present a structured list of graphic OLED display series along with corresponding model numbers. Each series offers unique display colors and features, such as the inclusion of a polarizing film. If you have any specific requirements or questions about our products, feel free to contact your sales representative or submit a product inquiry through our website. We are dedicated to providing you with professional and attentive service at WINSTAR.

Structure - COG OLED Module Selection Guide

SIZE COG PCB Option Touch Option
0.49" WEO006432A WEA006432A  
0.66" WEO006448A (SSD1306)
WEO006448B (SSD1315)
WEA006448A (SSD1306)  
0.68" WEO009632B    
0.69" WEO009616B WEA009616B  
0.71" WEO004864A WEA004864A  
0.84" WEO009616A WEA009616A  
0.91" WEO012832D (SPI)
WEO012832F (I2C)
WEA012832D (SPI)
WEA012832F (I2C)
WEO012832M-CTP (SSD7317 | SPI,I2C)
0.95" WEO009664A    
0.96" WEO012864C (SH1106)
WEO012864D (SSD1306)
WEO012864V (SSD1315)
WEO012864AB (SSD1315)
WEO012864AC (SSD1315)
WEO012864AD (ST7315)
WEA012864D-01 (SPI,I2C)
WEA012864D-03 (I2C)
0.96" WEO012864MX (Dual Color) WEA012864MX (Dual Color)  
0.96" WEO064128A (SH1107 | Portarit) WEA064128A (SH1107 | Portarit)  
1.1" WEO009664B WEA009664B  
1.12" WEO128128G WEA128128G  
1.18" WEO128128B    
1.28" WEO012864L WEA012864L (SPI)
WEA012864L (I2C)
1.5" WEO128128A (SSD1327)
WEO128128H (CH1120)
WEA128128A (SSD1327)  
1.54" WEO012864A (SSD1309)
WEO012864Y (SSD1309 | Frame)
WEO012864AA (SSD1327 | Gray Level)
WEO012864AE (CH1116)
WEO012864AH (SH1106)
WEA012864A (SSD1309)
WEA012864AA (SSD1327 | Gray Level)
WEA012864AE (CH1116)
WEO012864A-CTP (SSD1309)
1.71" WEO012832P WEA012832P  
1.92" WEO160128B    
2" WEO012832K    
2.08" WEO025664A WEA025664A  
2.23" WEO012832A (SSD1305)
WEO012832N (SH1106)
WEP012832A (SSD1305) WEP012832A-CTP (SSD1305)
2.42" WEO012864AJ (CH1116)
WEO012864AL (SH1106)
WEO012864G (SSD1309)
WEO012864H (SSD1309)
WEO012864J (SSD1309)
WEP012864AJ (CH1116 | RS8080)
WEP012864AJ (CH1116 | RS232)
WEO012864G-CTP (SSD1309)
WEO012864J-CTP (SSD1309)
2.7" WEO012864K (SSD1309)
WEO012864Q (SSD1309)
WEO012864AK (CH1116)
WEO012864AM (SH1106)
WEP012864Q (SSD1309)
WEP012864U (SSD1357)
WEO012864Q-CTP (SSD1309)
WEP012864Q-CTP (SSD1309)
WEP012864U-CTP (SSD1357)
3.55" WEO025664D (SSD1322)   WEO025664D-CTP
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