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As WINSTAR is dedicated to pursuing corporate sustainability, we provide transparent and effective communication channels among all company stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, customers, banks and creditors, and other related stakeholders. WINSTAR discloses the company’s information on the Market Observation Post System website in compliance with the associated regulations, offering the stakeholders sufficient information to protect their rights and interests.

▸ Stakeholder Communication

By establishing proper communication with various stakeholders and accepting diverse opinions, we can understand the ideas and demands of the stakeholders and view them as the primary reference for reviewing our operating strategies and other major matters. To understand the stakeholders’ needs and expectations of WINSTAR, we annually scrutinize the stakeholder-concerned issues via different channels and follow the GRI guidelines to build a systematic identification process. Therefore, we can understand the level of the issue and its impact on our operations. As an essential reference to the business strategy, the communication results with the stakeholders would be reported to the Board of Directors every year.

Requirement Type Contact Unit
Stakeholders/ Investors Finance Dept./ GM Office
Employees Personnel Office
Clients/ Customers Admin Dept.
Suppliers/ Contractors Finance Dept./ GM Office
Media Brand Dept.
Government / Competent Authority Admin Dept./ Finance Dept./ GM Office

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