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RS485 Modbus Smart LCD Display, Display RS485, Modbus

Winstar Smart Display RS485 Series offers an out-of-the-box Modbus development experience to you, providing below benefits to lower your development costs and speed up your time-to-market expectations.

1.The 485TFT is pre-loaded with standard UI objects to enable speedy design.
2.Communication ranges up to a hundred feet rather than just a few inches!
3.You can add more displays into the daisy chain which increases the product extendibility.
4.IPS TFT display with wider viewing angle optional.

Speed time-to-market by using Smart Display 485TFT Series
And what happens when you don't?


W/O Using Smart Display RS485:

  • You have to design UI widgets and functions ALL by yourself.
  • You will need advanced coding skills.
  • Development will be very time consuming

Using Smart Display RS485:

  • Design the UI without writing a line of code using Winstar GUI builder!(Link to GUI Builder Introduction)
  • Coding skill is NOT A MUST since the user interface is well defined as objects
  • Get started quickly! Perfect for fast and easy integration of a HMI for literally any application.

Try before you buy! Contact us to download Winstar GUIBuilder application.

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Outline Dimension
Power Supply Interface (System) Brightness
Products Protocol Application
4.3inch RS485 Modbus Smart TFT Display with Projected Capacitive Touch - WL0F00043000WGDAASA00
WL0F00043000WGDAASA00 4.3 105.5×67.2 5V RS485 400 -30~80 TFT Modbus Industrial,Vehicle,Medical
5 inch RS485 Modbus TFT Smart Display with Projected Capacitive Touch - WL0F00050000FGDAASA00
WL0F00050000FGDAASA00 5 120.7×75.8 5V RS485 400 -30~80 TFT Modbus Industrial,Vehicle,Medical
7 inch RS485 (Modbus) Smart Display with Projected Capacitive Touch - WL0F0007000A8GDAASA00
WL0F0007000A8GDAASA00 7 169.9×103.4 12V RS485 500 -20~70 TFT Modbus Industrial,Vehicle,Medical
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