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HDMI Series Technical Introduction

You might wonder how you can connect the HDMI modules? It is very simple, as long as you have HDMI port can output the information you'd like to display and system supports USB Port then you can connect our HDMI modules and drive the display!

If touch function is needed, you can drive touch panel through the USB signal conversion IC, as shown in the following Diagram:


HDMI Signal, USB Signal


For touch function, you can choose Mouse Mode and Touch Pad Mode for two-fingers, and update the FW through USB port by yourselves. It can support windows and Raspbian operating system. What's more, HDMI PCB board reserved a connector (Marked with red frame below) could fix Raspberry PI (see version number on Winstar's website) and drive the display through HDMI signal, and it transfers raspberry pi's pin to the right side (Marked with green frame), so all the I/O can still be used normally to control other Devices or Application. Currently, the resolution of HDMI modules could support from 800X480 to 1280X800, while brightness could be 400cd/m2 to 1000cd/m2. Winstar will keep evaluating and designing the HDMI display with higher resolution. If Raspberry Pi is needed, optional accessories including HDMI connector, USB cable and spacer support are available.


HDMI series PCB board + HDMI connector + USB cable + Spacer support


5inch HDMI module with Raspberry Pi (1) & 5inch HDMI module with Raspberry Pi (2)


Winstar HDMI series
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