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Winstar O Film TFT - Wide View Angle TFT


Many applications require wider viewing angle TFTs, Winstar O Film TFT technology will be one of the best choices. There are many wider view angle technologies for TFT displays in the market such as MVA (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) and IPS (In-Plane Switching). Comparing to the MVA or IPS technology, O Film TFT has the advantage of pricing. More importantly, the specifications and dimensions of MVA and IPS TFT in the market are more suitable for consumer applications (like tablets and smart phones) not for industrial applications.

Most of the TFT-LCD glasses for industrial applications in the market are TN-LCD types. However, TN technology suffers from phenomenon called gray scale inversion. This means the display has one viewing side in which color of the image change suddenly after exceeding specified view angle. Therefore, the view angle of normal TFT modules is limited. Winstar offers the TFT O-Film solution to enhance viewing angle of TN-LCD glass and overcome gray scale inversion. Below is the comparison of normal TFT and Winstar O-Film TFT.

Winstar O Film TFT - Wide View Angle TFT



View Angle Comparison


Winstar offers a wider view angle solution for Winstar TFT product line. We add an O Film on top of the TFT TN-LCD glass to enhance the viewing angle. Below charts are the normal TFT and O Film TFT comparison, you can see the O Film TFT viewing angle improved a lot. This will be cost effectiveness solution in the industrial application for color TFT displays.

1. Viewing angle for Normal TFT
Item   Symbol Condition. Min Typ. Max. Unit
Viewing angle Hor. ΘR CR≧10 55 65 - Deg.
ΘL 55 65 -
Ver. ΦT 45 55 -
ΦB 45 55 -

2. Viewing angle for O Film TFT
Item   Symbol Condition. Min Typ. Max. Unit
Viewing angle
(Gray Scale inversion Direction)
Hor. ΘR CR≧10 - 75 - Deg.
ΘL - 75 -
Ver. ΦT - 75 -
ΦB - 75 -



The definition of “View Direction” and “Gray Scale Inversion Direction” on Winstar SPEC for TFT displays is different.  The “view direction” on our TFT specification means that the  view of display is the best from one of particular viewing angle. The TFT module “Gray scale inversion direction” is set by the TFT LCD panel was produced before it was added color filter and BEF. Below are the drawings for the view direction and gray scale direction of O-Film TFT as reference.

View Direction - TFT



Comparison of viewing angle for Normal TFT and O Film TFT

Comparison of viewing angle for Normal TFT and O Film TFT



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