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Winstar Mono TFT Introduction

Mono TFT models are featured with very high contrast while comparing with the monochrome STN displays. The DFSTN displays have the good black background with white character performance, but people might find the purplish background phenomenon.

The monochrome TFT display is a very good solution instead to replace the DFSTN. It has high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, and built in controller with MCU interface; so the customer can use regular micro processor to drive it. Most importantly, the prices for some modules are better than STN.

The monochrome TFT normally is with TN positive or black VA LCD, but applied in the active matrix TFT, which allows for high contrast (800:1 or 900:1) and short response time. In short, the mono TFT display performance is much better on contrast, brightness and response time than traditional monochrome LCD module. The Mono TFT displays usually do not need an extended controller board to drive MCU control. The displays can operate in mode 2, 4 or 16 shades of gray scale, depending on the settings. Because the display driver supports several communication modes : 3 - or 4-line serial interface and an 8 -bit parallel interface compatible with standard systems with 8080 or 6800 family, the desired mode is selected by user to choose appropriate interface to control the device system. 

It is a special technology, not like common color TFT, monochrome TFT has a very good contrast radio. Monochrome TFT-LCD is an ideal high performance display for automotive and industrial applications where there may be fewer requirements for full color. Driving this display is less complex yet monochrome TFT sill offers the same performance characteristics as full color TFT.

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