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Entry Level UART TFT

Entry Level UART TFT , UART TFT Display

Entry Level UART TFT Display Introduction

Winstar Entry Level UART TFT Display is an easily accessible system for users to explore the colorful display on their applications.

Entry Level UART TFT is designed with UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) communication interface, and it supports backlight brightness adjustment, PWM (Pulse-width modulation) signal output, and 4 digital input pins.

We have also designed an app called “Clever system User API” for users to do the firmware programming more easily. Besides, Winstar has also provided the “SmartDisplay Entry User Guide” for customer development & operation reference.

Winstar Entry Level UART TFT Display provides below key advantages for your selection:

All in One System

  • We’ve designed the control board with a microcontroller and external flash behind the TFT panel. It can drive TFT, backlight, and touch panel directly

Convenient to Upgrade

  • The firmware can be updated online via a dongle to upload your latest version instead of using a physical programming machine.

Less Coding Process

  • The process of programming and testing can be done by our software app "Clever system user API". This tool can not only show the control data for coding instruction but also demonstrate what you want directly so that you can reduce the time on project development.

Reduce I/O Port

  • Customers can use the UART interface to drive the TFT directly. A suitable USB adapter is also included in the scope of supply.
►Link to Clever System User API User Guide

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Filter Results

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Outline Dimension
Viewing Area
Active Area
View Direction Power Supply Interface (System) Control-Board Brightness
Touch Screen Detect Points
Products Protocol
3.5 inch UART TFT LCD 320×240 Display - WL0F00035000LNFAAEA00
WL0F00035000LNFAAEA00 3.5 100×66.1 73.1×55.5 70.08×52.56 12H 5V UART Yes 420 No -20~70 TFT Customized UART
4.3 inch UART TFT LCD, 480×272 Display - WL0F00043000UNFAAEA00
WL0F00043000UNFAAEA00 4.3 125.5×67.2 98.9×57.7 95.04×53.856 12H 5V UART Yes 480 No -20~70 TFT Customized UART
4.3 inch UART TFT LCD,480×272 Display with PCAP Touch - WL0F00043000UGFAAEA00
WL0F00043000UGFAAEA00 4.3 125.5×67.2 96.24×54.66 95.04×53.856 12H 5V UART Yes 480 PCAP 1 -20~70 TFT Customized UART
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