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12832 OLED, 0.91" SPI, SSD1306 OLED Display (COG+PCB)

Model No. WEA012832D

►0.91" OLED
►Type: Graphic
►Structure: COG+PCB
►128x32 Dot Matrix, 12832 OLED
►3V Power supply
►1/32 duty
►Interface: SPI
►Display Color: White / Yellow / Sky Blue


WEA012832D module supports internal Charge Pump supply and external VCC supply.


12832 OLED, 0.91 inch SPI, SSD1306 OLED Display (COG PCB) - WEA012832D - Winstar

Data source ref: WEA012832DWPP3N00001


Interface Pin Function

No. Symbol Function
1 SDA When serial mode is selected, D1 will be the serial data input SDIN and D0 will be the serial clock input SCLK.
3 DC Data/Command Control
This pin is Data/Command control pin..
When the pin is pulled high and serial interface mode is selected, the data at SDIN is treated as data. When it is pulled low, the data at SDIN will be transferred to the command register.
4 RST This pin is reset signal input. When the pin is pulled LOW, initialization of the chip is executed.
Keep this pin HIGH (i.e. connect to VDD) during normal operation.
5 CS This pin is the chip select input. (active LOW).
6 VDD 2.8 ~ 3.3V Power supply pin for core logic operation.
7 VIN 4.8 ~ 5.2V Power supply pin for core logic operation.
8 GND This is a ground pin.

Mechanical Data

Item Dimension Unit
Dot Matrix 128 x 32 Dots
Module dimension 32.5 × 20.5 × 2.41 mm
Active Area 22.384 × 5.584 mm
Pixel Size 0.152 × 0.152 mm
Pixel Pitch 0.175 × 0.175 mm
Display Mode Passive Matrix
Display Color Monochrome
Drive Duty 1/32 Duty
Interface SPI
Size 0.91 inch

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Symbol Min Max Unit
Supply Voltage for Logic VDD 1.65 3.3 V
Supply Voltage for Logic VIN 4.0 6.0 V
Operating Temperature TOP -40 +80 °C
Storage Temperature TSTG -40 +85 °C

Electronical Characteristics

Item Symbol Condition Min Typ Max Unit
Supply Voltage for Logic (3V) VDD 2.8 3.0 3.3 V
Supply Voltage for Logic (5V) VIN 4.8 5.0 5.2 V
Input High Volt. VIH 0.8×VDD VDD V
Input Low Volt. VIL 0 0.2×VDD V
Output High Volt. VOH 0.9×VDD VDD V
Output Low Volt. VOL 0 0.1×VDD V
50% Check Board operating Current ICC VDD=3V 13.0 26.0 mA

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