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2.42" OLED Graphic Display 128x64

Model No. WEO012864G

►Type: Graphic (Without Frame)
►Structure: COG
►Size: 2.42"
►128 x 64 Dot Matrix
►Built-in controller SSD1309ZC
►3V Power supply
►1/64 duty
►Interface: 6800, 8080, SPI, I2C
►Display Color: White / Yellow / Sky Blue / Green


Winstar 2.42" OLED item no. WEO012864G and WEO012864H are made of 12864 pixels which are all with COG OLED structure. These two models are having the same 128x64 OLED panel but with different FPC pin out. WEO012864G is including ZIF FPC; WEO012864H is including Hot Bar FPC.  The WEO012864G 128x64 oled display is built-in SSD1309 IC, it communicate via 6800, 8080, SPI and I2C interface.  These OLED COG modules are ultra thin, lightweight and low power consumption which is great for handheld instruments, meters, smart grid, IoT, etc.


2.42 OLED Graphic Display 128x64 - WEO012864G


Interface Pin Function

Pin No. Symbol Description
1 NC No Connection
2 VSS Ground Oin
3~10 NC No Connection
11 VDD Voltage for logic
12~13 BS1~BS2 Interface selection
14 NC No Connection
15 CS# Chip Select Pin
16 RES# Reset Signal Pin
17 D/C# Data/Command Control Pin
18 R/W# Read/Write Control
19 E/RD# Chip Enable Signal
20~27 D0~D7 Data Bus
28 IREF SEG output current refer pin
29 VCOMH COM deselected level
30 VCC Panel driving voltage
31 NC No Connection

Mechanical Data

Item Dimension Unit
Module dimension 60.5 × 37.0 mm
Viewing area 57.01 × 28.91 mm
Active area 55.01 × 27.49 mm
Dot pitch 0.43 × 0.43 mm
Dot size 0.40 × 0.40 mm

Electronical Characteristics

Item Symbol Condition Standard Value Unit
Min Typ Max
Supply Voltage VDD --- 2.8 3.0 3.3 V

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