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0.71 inch 48x64 Smallest OLED Display

Model No. WEO004864A

►Type: Graphic
►Structure: COG
►Size: 0.71 inch OLED Display
►48 x 64 Dot Matrix
►3V Power supply
►1/64 duty
►Interface: I2C
►Display Color: White / Yellow
►Suitable for Wearable Device
►Other FPC options available in below table


WEO004864A is a smallest OLED display which is made of 48x64 dots, diagonal size 0.71 inch. WEO004864A has the module dimension of 13.90 × 22.0 mm and Active Area size 10.54×14.70 mm; it is built in with SSD1306 controller IC; it supports I2C interface, 3V power supply. The WEO004864A is a COG structure PMOLED display which is ultra thin and no need of backlight (self emitting); it's lightweight and low power consumption. This 0.71 inch 48x64 smallest OLED display is suitable for wearable device, mp3, portable device, personal care appliance, voice recorder pen, health device, etc. This 0.71” WEO004864A module is portrait mode; it also support landscape mode, welcome to contact us for more technical support.

WEO004864A module can be operating at temperatures from -40℃ to +80℃; its storage temperatures range from -40℃ to +85℃. Below is the basic specification of WEO004864A as reference.

   FPC Options



0.71 inch Smallest OLED, Winstar 48x64 OLED Display  - WEO004864A

Data source ref: WEO004864AWPP3N00000


Interface Pin Function

No. Symbol Function
1 C2N Positive Terminal of the Flying Inverting Capacitorr Negative Terminal of the Flying Boost Capacitor The charge-pump capacitors are required between the terminals. They must be floated when the converter is not used.
2 C2P
3 C1P
4 C1N
5 VBAT Power Supply for DC/DC Converter Circuit
This is the power supply pin for the internal buffer of the DC/DC voltage converter. It must be connected to external source when the converter is used. It should be connected to VDD when the converter is not used.
6 NC No connection.
7 VSS Ground of Logic Circuit
This is a ground pin. It acts as a reference for the logic pins. It must be connected to external ground.
8 VDD Power Supply for Logic
This is a voltage supply pin. It must be connected to external source.
9 RES# Power Reset for Controller and Driver
This pin is reset signal input. When the pin is low, initialization of the chip is executed.
10 SCL Host Data Input/Output Bus
When serial mode is selected, D1 will be the serial data input SDIN and D0 will be the serial clock input SCLK. When I2C mode is selected, D2 & D1 should be tired together and serve as SDAout & SDAin in application and D0 is the serial clock input SCL.
11 SDA
12 IREF This is segment output current reference pin. 
When external IREF is used, a resistor should be connected between this pin and Vss to maintain the IREF current at a maximum of 30uA. 
When internal IREF is used, this pin should be kept NC
13 VCOMH Voltage Output High Level for COM Signal
This pin is the input pin for the voltage output high level for COM signals. A capacitor should be connected between this pin and VSS.
14 VCC Power Supply for OEL Panel
This is the most positive voltage supply pin of the chip. A stabilization capacitor should be connected between this pin and VSS when the converter is used. It must be connected to external source when the converter is not used.

Mechanical Data

Item Dimension Unit
Dot Matrix 48 × 64 Dots
Module dimension 13.90 × 22.0 × 1.26 mm
Active Area 10.54 × 14.70 mm
Pixel Size 0.198 × 0.208 mm
Pixel Pitch 0.220 × 0.230 mm
Display Mode Passive Matrix
Display Color Monochrome
Drive Duty 1/64 Duty
IC SSD1306
Interface I2C
Size 0.71 inch

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Symbol Min Max Unit
Supply Voltage for Logic VDD 0 4 V
Supply Voltage for Display VCC 0 15 V
Operating Temperature TOP -40 +80 °C
Storage Temperature TSTG -40 +85 °C

Electronical Characteristics

Item Symbol Condition Min Typ Max Unit
Supply Voltage for Logic VDD 2.8 3.0 3.3 V
Supply Voltage for Display VCC 7.0 7.5 8.0 V
Input High Volt. VIH 0.8 xVDD VDD V
Input Low Volt. VIL 0 0.2 xVDD V
Output High Volt. VOH 0.9 xVDD VDD V
Output Low Volt. VOL 0 0.1 xVDD V
50% Check Board operating Current ICC VCC=7.5V 15.0 25.0 mA

FPC Options:

Drawing FPC Length PIN pitch ZIF FPC or HOTBAR FPC Interface FPC No. Create Date
FPC2000701401XXXXX00_WEO004864ALPP3N00000 16.0 14 0.7 HOTBAR FPC I2C FPC2000701401XXXXX00 20160603
FPC2070001401XXXXX02_WEO004864AWPP3N00H00 11.2 14 0.7 HOTBAR FPC I2C FPC2070001401XXXXX02 20180307

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