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Winstar Display's graphic OLED display are available in three mechanical structures include COB, COG and TAB passive matrix technology. Available graphic resolution in 50x16 OLED graphic display, 100x8 OLED graphic, 100x16 monochrome OLED, 100x32 graphic OLED, 200x16 graphic OLED, 128x32 OLED, OLED display 128x64128x128 OLED graphic, and 256x64 OLED. The graphic OLED display in the Winstar product range have on-board controllers and interfaces include parallel, serial, and I2C OLED, SPI OLED. These OLED display modules have driven voltages of 3V, or 5V depending on resolution/color. 

Winstar offers a wide range of OLED display modules in sizes from 0.49" OLED, 0.66" OLED, 0.91" OLED, 0.96" OLED, 2" OLED to 5.5" OLED, and custom design solutions.

Winstar small OLED display module are perfect for a number of devices that require electronic display panel. These applications include wearable devices, E-cigarette, POS system, white goods, home applications, industrial instrument, POS system, automation, audio/visual display systems, medical devices, personal care appliances, household goods, automobile displays , Dynamic information displays.

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Select Display Format Picture Model No. Structure Size
Outline Dimension
Viewing Area
Active Area
Dot Pitch
Dot Size
Duty Power Supply Interface IC Part No. Grayscale Touch Screen
128x64, 2.42
WEF012864H COG+FR 2.42 77.2×42.14 57.01×28.91 55.01×27.49 0.43× 0.43 0.40×0.40 1/64 3V 6800,8080,SPI,I2C SSD1309ZC No No
1.5 Graphic COG Graphic OLED Display 128x128, OLED 128x128, 128x128 pixel OLED Module
WEO128128A COG 1.5 33.8×36.5 28.86×28.86 26.86×26.86 0.21×0.21 0.185×0.185 1/128 3V 6800,8080,SPI,I2C SSD1327ZB Support No
Circular OLED Display, Circular OLED, 1.18 inch OLED, 128x128 Pixel OLED Module
WEO128128B COG 1.18 36.98×41.23 32×32 30×30 0.235×0.235 0.21×0.21 1/128 3V 6800,8080,SPI,I2C SSD1327ZB Support No
2.8 OLED, OLED 256x64, OLED Display 256x64, SSD1322 OLED
WEX025664A TAB 2.8 84×25.8 71.104×19.264 69.098×17.258 0.27×0.27 0.248×0.248 1/64 3V 6800,8080,SPI SSD1322UR1 Support No
OLED 256x64, 3.12 inch TAB OLED Display - WEX025664B
WEX025664B TAB 3.12 88×27.8 78.78×21.18 76.778×19.178 0.30×0.30 0.278×0.278 1/64 3V 6800,8080,SPI SSD1322UR1 Support No
WEX025664D TAB 5.5 146×45 137.65×35.89 135.65×33.89 0.53×0.53 0.50×0.50 1/64 3V 6800,8080,SPI SSD1322UR1 Support No

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