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VATN LCD Introduction

The Vertical Alignment (VA) display is a type of LCD technology in which the liquid crystals naturally align vertically to the glass substrates. When no voltage is applied to LCD panel, the liquid crystals remain perpendicular to the substrate creating a black display between crossed polarizer. When voltage is applied, the liquid crystals shift to a tilted position allowing light to pass through and create a gray-scale display depending on the amount of tilt generated by the electric field. The following is work theory of VATN vs. conventional

TN LCD, VATN LCD Introduction



Key Advantages of VATN Display

►Super high contrast ratio: can be up to 120:1
►Wide viewing angle: around 170(H) 110(V)
►Mode: Negative mode only
►Available Back light : white / green / yellow-green / red / blue
►High backlight brightness
►Four colors silk ink of custom design option



Winstar VATN available colors


VATN Applications


The VATN display is featured with wide viewing angle and high contrast ratio, therefore, it’s very suitable for many applications. Below are the examples as reference.

  • Industrial: Automotive application, Digital meter, UPS.
  • Medical: medical device & medical equipment.
  • Home appliance: audio, coffee machine, microwave oven.
  • Automobile: dashboard, car audio.

Coffee Machine Display
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