Circular Display, 3.4" Circular Screen TFT LCD Display

Model No. WF0340ATYAB7MNN0

►Circular Display
►Size: 3.4 inch
►Resolution : 800 x 800 dots
►View Direction : Wide View (IPS)
►Interface : MIPI DSI
►Driver IC : ILI9881C
►Control-Board : No
►Brightness(cd/m2) : 300
►Frame Through Hole : No
►Touch Screen : No


WF0340ATYAB7MNN0 is a 3.4-inch Circular Screen IPS TFT Display with a resolution of 800x800 dots. It uses IPS (In-plane Switching) technology to achieve fast and stable response time, higher frequency transmittance, and better color performance. The most significant advantage of IPS is the wider viewing angles of up: 85/ down: 85/ left: 85/ right: 85 degrees. This circular TFT display has the module dimensions of 94.9 x 96.95 mm and the active area of 87.6 x 87.6 mm. It boasts a built-in ILI9881C driver IC, supporting 4-wire MIPI interfaces. The contrast ratio of the module is 1200:1, the brightness is 300cd/m2 (typical value), the analog circuit voltage is 3.3V (typical value), and the logic circuit voltage is 1.8V.

The operating temperature range of this 3.4" LCD is from -20℃ to +70℃, and the storage temperature range covers from -30℃ to +80℃. The circular TFT LCD display is suitable for home appliances, electronic alarm clocks, cocktail machines, and other products requiring circular display screens.


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LCM PIN Definition

Pin Symbol Function
1 VLED+ VLED backlight anode.
2 VLED- VLED backlight cathode.
3 VLED- VLED backlight cathode.
4 VCI Power supply for the analog power
5 IOVCC Power supply for the logic power and I/O circuit
6 RESET Reset signal(low active) (RESET=RESX)
7 TE Tearing effect output
8 NC No connection
9 GND Power ground
10 D0P MIPI-DSI data lane 0 positive input pin.
11 D0N MIPI-DSI data lane 0 negative input pin
12 GND Power ground
13 D1P MIPI-DSI data lane 1 positive input pin.
14 D1N MIPI-DSI data lane 1 negative input pin.
15 GND Power ground
16 CLKP MIPI-DSI data lane positive input pin.
17 CLKN MIPI-DSI data lane negative input pin.
18 GND Power ground
19 D2P MIPI-DSI data lane 2 positive input pin.
20 D2N MIPI-DSI data lane 2 negative input pin
21 GND Power ground
22 D3P MIPI-DSI data lane 3 positive input pin.
23 D3N MIPI-DSI data lane 3 negative input pin
24 GND Power ground
25-30 NC No connection

General Specifications

Item Dimension Unit
Size 3.4 inch
Pixel Number 800 × RGB × 800 (TFT) dots
Module dimension 94.9 (W) x 96.95 (H) x 2.22 (D) mm
Active Area 87.6 x 87.6 mm
Pixel Pitch 0.1095 x 0.1095 mm
LCD type TFT, Normally black, Transmissive
Viewing Angle 85/85/85/85
Driver IC ILI9881C
TFT Interface 4-Lanes MIPI
Backlight Type LED, Normally White
Touch Panel Without Touch Panel
Surface Anti-Glare

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operating Temperature TOP -20 +70
Storage Temperature TST -30 +80
Power Supply voltage 1 VCI~GND >-0.3 +3.6 V
Power Supply voltage 2 IOVCC~GND -0.3 +3.3 V
Logic Input Voltage Range VIN -0.3 IOVCC+0.3 V
Logic Output Voltage Range VO -0.3 IOVCC+0.3 V

Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Supply voltage for analog circuit VCI 2.5 3.3 3.6 V
Supply voltage for logic circuit IOVCC 1.65 1.8 3.3 V
Current for VCI I-vci - 20 30 mA
Current for IOVCC I-iovcc - 20 30 mA
Input voltage “H” level VIH 0.7*IOVCC IOVCC V
Input voltage “L” level VIL GND 0.3*IOVCC V
Output voltage “H” level VOH 0.8*IOVCCI IOVCC V
Output voltage “L” level VOL GND 0.2*IOVCC V
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