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Winstar TFT LCD Module Manufacturer

Winstar standard TFT-LCD display modules are available in various sizes from 0.96" mini LCD display, 2.8" TFT LCD, 5" LCD display to 10.4" TFT LCD.  These TFT LCD modules are including options of TFT panel, TFT LCM with controller board, industry standard mono TFT LCM, TFT color display, and wide operating temperatures of -20°C to +70°C or -30°C to +80°C. 

Winstar TFT displays are available in various graphic display resolutions including QVGA (320 x 240), WQVGA (480x272), VGA (640x480), WVGA (800x480), 640x320, 1024x600, XGA (1024x768) and WXGA(1280x800).  Many of Winstar TFT display modules have more than one interface available including MCU, RGB, TTL and LVDS as well as two touch panels optional in resistive and capacitive technology.
The list below is our standard offering. However, Winstar Displays has many more customized solution and special sizes available as options. Please contact us via mail to sales@winstar.com.tw for more information.

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Select Display Format Picture Model No. Size
Outline Dimension
Viewing Area
Active Area
View Direction Interface IC Part No. Control-Board Brightness
Recommended Touch Screen Temperature
7 1024x600  LVDS TFT Color LCD
WF70A7TIAHLNN0 7 164.8×99.8 157.2×89.43 154.2144×85.92 12H LVDS EK79001HE+EK73215BCGA No 600 ★★ No -20~70
1024x600 Display, USB PCAP TFT Display 7
WF70BTIAHLNB0 7 202×135.5 155.22×86.92 154.2144×85.92 12H LVDS ILI2511 No 450 ★★ PCAP -20~70
10.1 TFT LCD, 10.1 TFT Display, 10 TFT Display, LCD Display 10.1 - LVDS
WF101ATCAHLNNZ 10.1 235×143 226×128.5 222.72×125.28 12H LVDS No No 160 No -10~60
1280x800 10.1 IPS TFT LCD Panel, IPS TFT
WF101GTYAPLNN0 10.1 229.34×148.98 220.06×138.7 216.96×135.6 IPS LVDS No No 350 ★★★ No -20~70
IPS HD Display, IPS Touchscreen Display, IPS LCD Touchscreen, IPS LCD Display Panel
WF101GTYAPLNT0 10.1 229.34×148.98 220.06×138.70 216.96×135.6 IPS LVDS No No 250 ★★★ RTP -20~70
IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen TFT, IPS Capacitive Touchscreen, LCD IPS
WF101GTYAPLNG0 10.1 257.96×168.6 218.96×137 216.96×135.6 IPS LVDS No No 300 ★★★ PCAP -20~70
10.4 TFT LCD, 10.4 TFT Display, 10.4 inch LCD Display
WF104FTIAMLNN0 10.4 236.0×176.9 211.2×158.4 LVDS No No 350 No -20~70

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