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4.9" OLED Graphic Display 200x16

Model No. WEG020016A

►Type: Graphic
►Structure: COB
►Size: 4.9 inch
►200 x 16 Dot Matrix
►5V power supply
►1/16 duty cycle
►Interface: 6800
►Display Color: White / Yellow / Sky Blue


Winstar OLED standard items of WEG020016A which have the same outline size, VA size and pin out as Winstar STN LCD standard item of WH4002A. It is easy for the customers to upgrade your applications from LCD modules to OLED modules. WEG020016A is the equivalent Graphic type of WEH004002A. If your applications need Graphic mode to display the contents, you can choose WEG020016A which featured with display format of 200x16 dots.


WEG020016A - 4.9 inch OLED Graphic Display 20x16 Drawing

Data source ref: WEG020016ALPP5N00100


Interface Pin Function

Pin No. Symbol Level Description
1 VSS 0V Ground
2 VDD 5.0V Supply Voltage for logic
3 NC No connection
4 RS H/L H: DATA, L: Instruction code
5 R/W H/L H: Read(Module→MPU) L: Write(MPU→Module)
6 E H,H→L Chip enable signal
7 DB0 H/L Data bit 0
8 DB1 H/L Data bit 1
9 DB2 H/L Data bit 2
10 DB3 H/L Data bit 3
11 DB4 H/L Data bit 4
12 DB5 H/L Data bit 5
13 DB6 H/L Data bit 6
14 DB7 H/L Data bit 7
15 CS1 Chip1 select input pin
16 CS2 Chip2 select input pin

Mechanical Data

Item Dimension Unit
Dot Matrix 200 x 16 Dots
Module dimension 182.0 x 38.5 x 9.3(MAX) mm
View area 154.4 x 16.5 mm
Active area 123.95 x 11.15 mm
Dot size 0.57 x 0.65 mm
Dot pitch 0.62 x 0.70 mm
Panel Type OLED , Yellow
Duty 1/16
IC WS0010-TX
Interface 6800
Size 4.9 inch

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol Min Max Unit
Operating Temperature TOP -40 +80 °C
Storage Temperature TST -40 +85 °C
Supply Voltage For Logic VDD-VSS -0.3 5.3 V

Electronical Characteristics

Item Symbol Condition Min Typ Max Unit
Supply Voltage For Logic VDD-VSS 4.8 5.0 5.3 V
Input High Volt. VIH 0.8xVDD VDD V
Input Low Volt. VIL GND 0.2xVDD V
Output High Volt. VOH IOH=-0.5mA 0.8xVDD VDD V
Output Low Volt. VOL IOL=0.5mA GND 0.2xVDD V
50% Check Board Operating Current IDD VDD=5V 60 90 mA

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