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7 inch Touch Screen, 7 inch Touch Panel

Model No. TST0007R0G4111XXXX06

►7 inch Touch Screen, 7 inch Touch Panel
►Structure : G-G
►Outline Dimension : 164.4 x 99.45 mm
►Viewing Area : 155.22 x 87.19 mm
►Interface : I2C
►Driver IC : ILI2130
►Support TFT series : WF70G, WF70A2, WF70A7, WF70A8, WF70M, WF70P, WF70Q, WF70Y


Cover Lens Thickness Options for Winstar 7" TFT Displays

For industrial applications, thick cover lenses provide extra protection for TFT Displays. Putting hardened cover lens on the TFT module can protect it from mechanical damages. Winstar provides three kinds of thickness options for our 7 inch TFT-LCD modules which are including 0.7mm, 1.8mm and 3.0mm in thickness.

Below is a comparison chart for reference, the higher IK code which means for better impact protection. The IK Code, or impact rating, is an international numeric classification for the degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts. We recommend customers can choose proper thickness of cover lens for your applications. Winstar also can offer custom solutions for customers needing thick cover lens. Please note, the thickness of cover lens will affect the touch sensitivity; the thinner cover lens usually the touch sensitivity will be better than thicker ones.

Remark: Below information is reference only, welcome to contact our engineering team for different sizes of cover lens for applications.

TP Part No. Winstar 7"cover lens Impact protection  Detect  points Waterproof Touch sensitivity
thickness IK Code
TST0007R0G4111XXXX06 0.7 mm (standard) IK03 max 10 Good Great
TST0007R0G4111XXXX07 1.8 mm IK06 max 10 Normal Good
TST0007R0G4111XXXX08 3.0 mm IK07 max 10 Normal Normal

Support TFT series: WF70G, WF70A2, WF70A7, WF70A8, WF70M, WF70P, WF70Q, WF70Y


7 inch Touch Screen, 7 inch Touch Panel - Winstar Display



Construction Materials Comment
COVER LENS GLASS Thickness:0.7mm
LOCA Adhesive Thickness:0.2mm
ITO Glass ITO glass Thickness:0.7mm

Mechanical characteristics:

Item Description Unit
Outline dimension 164.40±0.1 × 99.45±0.1 mm
View Area 155.22±0.2 × 87.19±0.2 mm
Active Area 156.68 × 88.52 mm
Thickness 1.7±0.15 (with AD) mm
Input Method Finger  
Hardness Of Surface Hard Surface : ≥7H  
Accuracy +/-1mm@10mm mm
Support Operation Finger 5 Finger
Channel 15 × 27  
Interface I2C  
Supported Operating Systems Android2.0-4.2Windows  
IC ILI2130s  

Interface Pin Function

PIN No Symbol Function
1 GND Ground for analog circuit
2 VDDT Power Supply
3 SCL I2C clock input
4 NC No connect
5 SDA I2C data input and output
6 NC No connect
7 /RST External Reset, Low is active
8 NC No connect
9 /INT External interrupt to the host
10 GND Ground for analog circuit
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