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Pantalla Táctil 7, Pantalla Táctil 7 pulgadas

Modelo Nº TST0007R0G4111XXXX05

►Tamaño : 7"
►Estructura : G-G
►Dimensión de esquema : 164.4 x 99.45 mm
►Área de visualización : 156.08 x 87.92 mm
►Interfaz : I2C
►Tipo: Táctil capacitiva
►Series : WF70B, WF70G, WF70H, WF70M, WF70Q, WF70P, WF70Y


7 inch Touch Screen, 7 inch Touch Panel - Winstar Display



Construction Materials Comment
COVER LENS GLASS Grosor:0.70mm
LOCA Adhesive Grosor:0.175mm
ITO Glass ITO glass Grosor:0.70mm

Mechanical characteristics:

Elemento Descripción Unidad
Dimensión de esquema 164.40±0.10 × 99.45±0.10 mm
Área de visión 156.08±0.20× 87.92±0.20 mm
zona activa 156.68±0.20× 88.52±0.20 mm
Grosor 1.675±0.15 mm
Input Method Finger Or Conductive Pen  
Hardness Of Surface Hard Surface : ≥7H  
Accuracy +/-1mm@10mm mm
Support Operation Finger 5
Channel 16× 28  
Interfaz I2C  
Supported Operating Systems Android2.0-4.2Windows  

Función interfaz Pin

PIN No Símbolo Función
1 GND Ground for analog circuit
2 VDD Power Supply
3 SCL I2C clock input
4 NC No connect
5 SDA I2C data input and output
6 NC No connect
7 RST External Reset, Low is active
8 NC No connect
9 INT External interrupt to the host
10 GND Ground for analog circuit
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