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5.7 LCD Panel, 5.7 TFT LCD Display with LVDS Carrier Board


►5.7" TFT LCD
►Resolution : 320 x 240 dots
►View Direction : 12H
►Interface: LVDS
►Control-Board : YES
►Brightness(cd/m²): 500
►Frame Through Hole : Yes
►Touch Screen : Without touch screen


Winstar 5.7 TFT LCD Panel Display WF57B is a very popular model in our TFT product line. Winstar offers WF57VTCECLNN0 module featured with a Carrier Board with LVDS interface display module. LVDS is already common place across a variety of applications particularly in industrial and consumer markets and further adoption of LVDS in embedded applications will continue.

Winstar WF57B has an extended module with a carrier board featuring LVDS (low-voltage differential signal) data interface. The module dimension is160.0 x 109.0 mm and the AA size is 115.20 x 86.40 mm. This carrier board also has the POWER BOARD function as option. The users can choose FPC or cable connector for their applications.


5.7 LCD Panel, 5.7 TFT LCD Panel Module with LVDS Carrier Board - WF57VTCECLNN0



Pin Symbol Function
1 LED+ Power supply for Backlight +
2 LED- Power supply for Backlight -
3 RX3+ + LVDS differential data input
4 RX3- - LVDS differential data input
5 GND Ground
6 RXC+ + LVDS differential clock input
7 RXC- - LVDS differential clock input
8 GND Ground
9 RX2+ + LVDS differential data input
10 RX2- - LVDS differential data input
11 GND Ground
12 RX1+ + LVDS differential data input
13 RX1- - LVDS differential data input
14 GND Ground
15 RX0+ + LVDS differential data input
16 RX0- - LVDS differential data input
17 L/R Shift direction of device internal shift register control.
18 U/D Up/down selection
19 VCC Digital power: 3V~3.6V
20 VCC Digital power: 3V~3.6V
21-29 NC No connection
30 RESET Hardware reset

General Specifications

Item Dimension Unit
Size 5.7 inch
Dot Matrix 320 × RGB × 240 (TFT) dots
Module dimension 160.0(W) × 109.0(H) × 15.0(D) mm
Active area 115.20 × 86.40 mm
Dot pitch 0.12 × 0.36 mm
LCD type TFT, Normally White, Transmissive
View Direction 12 o'clock
Gray Scale Inversion Direction 6 o'clock
TFT IC SN75LVDS82DGGR or Equivalent
TFT interface LVDS
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Backlight Type LED, Normally White
Touch Panel Without touch panel
Surface Glare

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operating Temperature TOP 0 +70
Storage Temperature TST -30 +80

Electrical Characteristics

1. Operating conditions:
Item Symbol Condition Min Typ Max Unit
Supply Voltage For LCM VCC 3.0 3.3 3.6 V
Supply Current For LCM ICC 220 330 mA
Input High Volt. VIH 0.7 VCC VCC V
Input Low Volt. VIL 0 0.3 VCC V

2. LED driving conditions:
Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
LED current - - 140 - mA
Power Consumption - 1260 - 1470 mW
LED voltage VBL+ 9.0 - 10.5 V
LED Life Time - - 50,000 - Hr
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