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Character LCD Display 16x4, Display LCD 16x4

Model No. WH1604A

►Character LCD 16x4
►5x8 dots includes cursor
►+5V power supply (Also available for +3V)
►WG16032D3 optional for +3V power supply
►1/16 duty cycle
►LED can be driven by PIN1, PIN2, PIN15, PIN16 or A and K
►Interface: 6800 (ST7066 IC or Equivalent), option SPI/I2C (RW1063 IC)


Winstar's WH1604A is a character LCD 16x4 display which is built in with ST7066 controller IC; its default interface is 6800 4/8-bit parallel, 5V power supply.  These LCD display 16x4 modules are also available in SPI and I2C interface by using RW1063 controller IC. The WH1604A display LCD 16x4 series is available in several different backlight colors including blue, green, white, yellow-green, amber, red, white LEDs. 

There are three interface options for WH1604A series, details as below:
►WH1604A : 6800 interface (ST7066 IC)
►WH1604A1: SPI interface (RW1063 IC)
►WH1604A2: I2C interface (RW1063 IC)


Winstar Character LCD 16x4, Display 16x4, Display LCD 16x4 - WH1604A


Interface Pin Function

Pin No. Symbol Description
1 VSS Ground
2 VDD Power supply for logic
3 VO Contrast Adjustment
4 RS Data/ Instruction select signal
5 R/W Read/Write select signal
6 E Enable signal
7~14 DB0~DB7 Data bus line
15 A Power supply for B/L +
16 K Power supply for B/L -

Mechanical Data

Item Standard Value Unit
Module Dimension 87.0 × 60.0 mm
Viewing Area 62.0 × 26.0 mm
Mounting Hole 82.0 × 55.0 mm
Character Size 2.95 × 4.75 mm

Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol Standard Value
Input Voltage VDD 3/5 V
Recommended LCD Driving
Voltage for Normal Temp.
Version module @25°C
VDD-VO 4.35 V

Display Character Address Code

Display Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
DD RAM Address 00 01                           0F
DD RAM Address 40 41                           4F
DD RAM Address 10 11                           1F
DD RAM Address 50 51                           5F

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