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3.9 inch Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

Model No. TST0003R9B4111XXXX00

►3.9 inch Touch Screen, 3.9 inch Touch Panel
►Structure : G-G
►Outline Dimension : 104.5×36.0×1.98 mm
►Viewing Area : 96.04×26.34 mm
►Interface : I2C
►Driver IC: CYTMA568
►Type: Projected Capacitive


3.9" Touch Screen, 3.9 inch Projected Capacitive Touch Panel - TST0003R9B4111XXXX00 - Winstar Display


General Specification

Item Specifications
Type Projected Capacitive
Input Mode Finger
Connector COF-FPC
  Mechanical Description
Item Description Unit
Touch panel size 4.0(Diagonal) inch
Structure G+G -
Outside Dimension 104.5*36.0*1.98 mm
View Area 96.04*26.34 mm

Environment Characteristics

Item Specifications 
Temperature Humidity (Non-Condensing)
Operating Temperature -30℃~+85℃ 45%-90%RH
Storage Temperature -40℃~+90℃ 5%-95%RH

Optical Characteristic

Item Specifications
Transparency 87% ±5%
Haze >3%

IC Specification

No. Item Specifications
1 Driver IC CYTMA568
2 Detect Points 5
3 interface I2C
4 Power Supply 2.8~3.3V

PIN Assignment

Pin Symbol Function
1 VSS Ground for analog circuit
2 VDD Power Supply
3 SCL I2C clock input
4 NC No connect
5 SDA I2C data input and output
6 NC No connect
7 /RST External Reset, Low is active
8 NC No connect
9 /INT External interrupt to the host
10 VSS Ground for analog circuit
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