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The Alternative Solution: Replacing CH1116 IC with SH1106 IC

Since CH1116 IC has MOQ restrictions, we develop a new series of products using SH1106. When developing products, we try to keep the original module design as much as possible. It makes modules of CH1116 and SH1106 compatible with each other.

The following will explain the differences between the two series from the hardware and software perspective.

Table1. Existing vs. New IC Model Numbers
Related Module Series
Past model (CH1116) New model (SH1106)
WEO012864AE WEO012864AH
WEO012864AJ WEO012864AL
WEO012864AK WEO012864AM


1. Hardware

The pin functions of both the CH1116 IC and SH1106 IC are the same. The recommended circuit diagrams for both ICs are shown in
Figure 1.

Figure 1. CH1116 & SH1106 Application recommendations
Figure 1. CH1116 & SH1106 Application recommendations

Please pay attention to the resistance value of pin IREF, as it directly influences brightness and current. When both ICs use the same VPP, SH1106 requires a larger resistance value. The formula for the resistance is provided below.






2. Software

Most of the commands for CH1116 and SH1106 are compatible, but there are still some differences. For example, each IC has exclusive functions, and only the respective IC can use these commands. Additionally, while some commands serve the same function, their parameters are incompatible, as indicated in Table 2.

Table 2. Differences in Commands between CH1116 and SH1106
  CH1116 SH1106
Set Breathing Light
Set Breathing Light ON/OFF, Brightness Adjust and Time Interval. N/A
Additional Horizontal Scroll Setup Mode Set
Set up the horizontal scroll parameters.
It determined the scrolling start column position and end column position.
Continuous Horizontal Scroll Setup
26H / 27H
Set up the horizontal scroll parameters.
It determined the direction of horizontal scroll, scrolling start page, time interval and end page.
Set Scroll Mode
2CH / 2DH
Control continuous or single screen scroll. N/A
Set Deactivate /Activate Horizontal Scroll
Stop or start motion of horizontal scrolling. N/A
Set Pump voltage value
Specifies output voltage (VPP) of the internal charger pump.
30H: 10V;31H: 7.4V;32H: 8V;33H: 9V
Specifies output voltage (VPP) of the internal charger pump.
30H: 6.4V;31H: 7.4V;32H: 8V;33H: 9V
IREF Resistor Set
IREF can be controlled by external resister or internal resister.
Note: When internal resistor is selected, external resistor should be open. External and internal resistances are connected in parallel.
Set Display Clock Divide
Ratio/Oscillator Frequency
Dicide Ratio:8、16、3、4
Oscillator frequency:-17.1% ~ 25.1%
Dicide Ratio:1~16
Oscillator frequency:-25% ~ 50%
Set Adaptive Power Save
D6H / D7H
D6H: Normal
D7H: Adaptive Power Save(POR)
Set Pre-charge Period
Pre-charge:0 DCLKs ~ 45 DCLKs
Dis-charge:3 DCLKs ~ 45 DCLKs
Pre-charge:1 DCLKs ~ 15 DCLKs
Dis-charge:1 DCLKs ~ 15 DCLKs
Set row non-overlap/SEG Hiz Period
This command is used to set the duration of the row non-overlap /SEG Hiz Period period. N/A


3. Replacement

Since the pin definitions of the new models and the existing models are the same, the connector can be shared. However, to achieve the same display effect, adjustments are needed in both hardware and software.

In terms of hardware, the only difference between CH1116 and SH1106 is the IREF resistance. It must be set according to the IC; otherwise, there is a risk of burning out the IC.

In terms of software, there are two points to note:
1. CH1116 can choose to use an external or internal resistor (82h), but SH1106 does not have this function.
2. For both CH1116 and SH1106, the command (D5h) used to control the display frequency is the same, but the parameter settings are different.


4. Conclusion

We can achieve the same display image and brightness by adjusting the initial code and the resistance value of pin IREF. Depending on the situation, we can make slight software adjustments without changing the hardware to ensure that the two ICs achieve the same display effect. Winstar will continue to provide high-quality products and competitive solutions.

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