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December 15,2022


In the new era of smart retail, shopping centers, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, and supermarkets are combined with smart devices such as automatic checkout systems, interactive touch interfaces, and service robots, which bringing new shopping experiences to consumers. It reduces labor costs, enhances sales competitiveness, and brings substantial operating profits to shopping malls. Hence, smart retail solutions are a trend.

"Service robots" have a wide range of applications, such as professional robots, companion robots, home service robots, and tour robots. Professional robots are mostly used in factories or stores. Retail service robots can provide reception, product sales, event introduction, which is a new era of smart retail.

Robots interact with humans through visual sensing devices and display devices. Winstar understands the needs of customers and provides the most suitable integrated solutions for customers. From specifications, displays, hardware to software development, we provide a one-stop service. Winstar knows your needs the best


Service Robot Display Solutions


  • Display size suggestion: 5”, 7”, 10.1” or according to customer needs. The most popular display on the market is 7"
  • Robot UI interface
  • Flexible and lovely display screen
  • Various sensors
  • Long working-hours
  • voice pack.
  • Navigation function

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