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Satellite Communication at-sea Display

December 13,2022


Satellite position plays a vital role in communication at sea, allowing sailors to keep in touch with others and continue their voyages smoothly. Satellite communication is a method of transporting information from one place to another, using a communication satellite in orbit around the Earth. This satellite communication at-sea display supports RTP with RS422 interface. Even when on board, our reliance on satellite communication continues to soar. Technology and the ability to stay in touch have allowed many sailors to take their work with them afloat and go ocean sailing. The OLED displays deliver diverse content including satellite positions, time and battery charging status etc.


Satellite Communication at-sea Display


Our vast experience and expertise enable us to offer solutions and equipment to meet customers' need for satellite communication at sea display. Graphic and digital signage screens are now a must-have in any transport hub. Winstar provides the total display solution, and offers displays in various sizes and a full array of mounting options for limited installation space on ships.

Satellite Communication at-sea Display


  • Design with RS422 interface
  • OLED panel with air bonding
  • Capacitive touch on the cover glass
  • Replacing physical buttons by silk printing on the cover lens
  • LED with red and yellow color for warning message, normal or NG
  • Mechanical design for a holder between PCB and panel
  • Schematic design and initial code ready for customer
  • Open source for demo. Code

Satellite Communication at-sea Display

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