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Residential Lift HMI

December 13,2022


With the continuous development of society, the demand for home elevators is increasing year by year. The traditional solution of digital tubes and buttons can no longer meet our needs. Winstar adopts a solution combining TFT-LCD touch screen with customized software and display interface, which integrates all the customer's needs. Unlike the traditional elevator display, the user interface developed by the customer is simpler to operate, and the displayed information is more comprehensive. It can show the operating status of elevator in real time, increasing safety, and making the user experience smoother.

Two types of display usage are applied in the elevator

1. Elevator interior screen:

Advertising - An elevator ride may not last that long but taking advantage of a captive audience to promote information or provide informative content for building tenants goes a long way. It is suitable for showing commercial advertisements content such as videos and pictures.

2. Elevator exterior screen:

Control Panel - The function of selecting up and down floors to summon the elevator.


Residential Lift HMI


  • Various sizes of products can be designed, control board and TFT can be flexibly matched.
  • Customized cover glass+ optical bonding CTP.
  • Design with RS485 interface and Modbus protocol.
  • Custom UI/UX layout.
  • Slide to swap pages.
  • MP3 music playing functions and volume control.
  • Fan, light, backlight controlled by Modbus protocol.


Lift HMILift HMI

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