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160x160 LCD Graphic Display

Model No. WG160160A

►160x160 LCD Graphic Display
►No controller
►+5V power supply
►1/160 duty cycle


WG160160A is a monochrome graphic 160x160 LCD module which is having the module dimension of 89.28x85 mm and AA size of 60.76x60.76 mm. This WG160160A model is without controller on module. It can be operating at temperatures from -20℃ to +70℃; its storage temperatures range from -30℃ to +80℃.


160x160 LCD, Graphic Module LCD 160x160 - WG160160A - Winstar Display


Interface Pin Function

Pin No. Symbol Description
1 VSS Ground
2 M Frame reverse signal(alternate signal)
3 FLM Scan start-up signal
4 CL1 Data latch pulse
5 CL2 Data shift pulse
6~9 DB3~DB0 Data bus line
10 VEE Negative Voltage Output
11 VDD Power supply for logic
12 VO Contrast Adjustment
13 DISP OFF Display off H:ON L:OFF
14 A Power supply for B/L +
15 K Power supply for B/L -

Mechanical Data

Item Standard Value Unit
Module Dimension 89.2 × 85.0 mm
Viewing Area 62.0 × 62.0 mm
Mounting Hole 84.2 × 80.0 mm
Dot Pitch 0.38 × 0.38 mm
Dot Size 0.36 × 0.36 mm

Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol Standard Value
Input Voltage VDD 3/5 V
Recommended LCD Driving
Voltage for Normal Temp.
Version module @25°C
VDD-VO 18.75 V

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