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Date May 04,2020

Economic Daily News: Winstar produced urgent medical displays orders in priority to against COVID-19

This news was published on Economic Daily Website News on April 28th, May 4th and Economic Newspaper on May 4th in Chinese. The following is the translation in English:

At this critical moment of the global fight against New Coronary (COVID-19), a large number of patients have suffered due to the epidemic and the medical system is unable to bear the unexpectedly burden in many countries. In the meanwhile, the lack of medical equipment for saving lives, sometimes doctors force to choose "who should save first". In order to protect the last line of medical defense, the purchasing of medical equipment has become the most urgently priority to fight against COVID-19.

As one of the medical equipment material supply chains, Winstar Display Co., Ltd has received urgently demands for medical displays from dozens of countries around the world since the outbreak from February, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, and India. Among of the medical equipment, medical displays used in Ventilators and Forehead thermometer are indispensable.

“To make contributions to human and fulfill the corporate social responsibility” is the mission of Winstar Group; and helping others saving human life worldwide is also Winstar top priority at the moment of Coronavirus pandemic spreading around the world. Although Winstar production capacity is affected by the epidemic since our factories delayed our reopen date, we still try our best to pull in the urgent needs for medical displays. For this COVID-19 disease, we found the most popular medical displays are including LCD, TFT and OLED products, such as 0.96 ”OLED, 2.7” OLED, 20x4 OLED, 3.5 ”TFT, 5.7” TFT, 6.5 ”TFT, 7” TFT, 10.1 TFT, 128x64 LCD, 16x2 LCD, etc. The applications include Ventilators, dialyzers, forehead thermometers, ear thermometers, medical disinfection equipment, etc.

With more than 21 years experience, Winstar became the leading industrial display manufacturer in the field of small & medium sized displays. We provide high-quality LCD, TFT, and OLED displays to customers and has won many national awards. Till now, our products have been sold to more than 200 countries around the world. In the global battle against COVID-19, Winstar is proud of being part of it and can participate for saving human lives and trying to doing something to win the battle of COVID-19. The first shipment of medical display has been shipped out in March. We’re proud to say that Taiwan not only have mask national team can help to guard us, but also have companies like Winstar is helping to saving lives all over the world. We are proud to say to the world "Medical Display, WINSTAR Can Help"!

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