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Heads Up Display

December 13,2022


HUD technology address what matters most when you're navigating. This heads-up display Bluetooth module can easily achieve serial data transmission. Compared with the wireless network module, the Bluetooth module has the advantage of lower power consumption and is more suitable for the use of mobile transportation tools. In addition, this module can automatically adjust the display brightness via the backlight. Heads-up display solutions bring the needed information to your line of sight so that you can keep your eyes on the road ahead. It can use for everyday commutes to stay connected with phone calls, weather messages, and direction notifications.

Automobile manufacturers are now integrating windshield-projected heads-up displays as both standard and optional features in certain models to help keep drivers' eyes on the road in the digital age.


Heads UP Display


  • Works with Bluetooth, wireless connect to realize
  • Direction indicate
  • Who's calling message
  • Weather report
  • Speedometer & Alert
  • Battery charging
  • Backlight adjustment automatically
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