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Forklift HMI

December 13,2022


Forklift are usually operated in different environments, and some of them are used in cold areas that will create condensation. Winstar is capable of offering a smart display with IK08 and IP65-rated enclosures, a membrane keypad and supports operating temperatures from -30 to +70C.


Forklift HMI


Forklift application uses CANopen protocol to report the status via a boot-up message to the vehicle control module. The HMI display provides tools for the operator to log in, switch on and provide information for the control system, such as battery discharge indication, steering wheel angle, warnings, fault indications and vehicle backup camera.

  • CAN bus Interface with CANopen protocol.
  • Custom UI/UX layout.
  • CVBS/PAL video format standards.
  • Anti-glare glass and waterproof coating.
  • Membrane keyboard design.
  • IK08 impact resistance test.
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection test.
  • Conduct the EN61000-6-3 regulation test with EMI-pre scan.


Forklift HMI-1 Forklift HMI-2

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