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EV Charger-Medium Size

December 13,2022


The display screen is the standard configuration of floor-standing charging stations, and the demand is also increasing. Drivers need to monitor the progress of their charging and this requires a user interface that is easily readable in outdoor conditions. We can design a display with outstanding performance including IPS, complying with IP65 standard, optical bonding process to reduce internal reflection, integration of optical filters including anti-reflective and anti-glare and high brightness.


EV Charger-Medium Size


  • Zero code on HMI firmware & software development: Save your valuable engineering resources.
  • Abundant and flexible hardware application coverage: Multi-interface choices and additional electronic components integration for bus.
  • Design with RS485 interface.
  • Custom UI layout includes: battery status, charging time, payment authority status etc.
  • Conduct the CE/EN55011 regulation test with EMI-pre scan.

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Non-OS Smart Display Solution can be used as a simple and economical HMI for charging stations, saving your budget.

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