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Дата April 20,2023

Dutch Local Magazine "E-TOTAAL" Introduces WINSTAR SMART DISPLAY

Content: Winstar's Smart Display RS485 TFT series is a display solution that operates under the control of the primary device RS485 to display contents on the screen and return the touch data via Modbus protocol.

Winstar's Smart Display is a user-friendly product with which projects can be developed quickly and cost-effectively. This RS485 Smart Display supports single-master (HOST) platforms, such as a computer (with USB2/RS485 dongle), MCU, and Raspberry Pi. Winstar developed a Windows app for the design of the Smart Display GUI. The Winstar GUI builder software allows users to simulate their GUI design in advance through the drag & drop Widget preview function; users can thus create their own ideal GUI.

Note: Winstar GUI builder software only supports Windows systems.

Link to WINSTAR RS485 Smart Display Products


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