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Transflective TFT LCD Display

Transflective TFT LCD Display

Transflective TFT-LCD displays become very popular since the demand of requiring good readability in bright environments and direct sunlight. Transflective TFT display is characterized a transparent reflector in front of the backlight. The incoming light is reflected and used to illuminate the TFT display. Transflective TFT-LCD modules have both "transmissive" and "reflective" modes.

Both display modes work together for enhanced performance, as a result, the readability of the content in very bright light is perfect even without any backlight. The advantage for customers using a transflective TFT LCD module can save power by reducing or turning off the display's backlight during bright environments.

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Active Area
View Direction Interface IC Part No. Control-Board Brightness
Recommended Touch Screen Temperature
2.83 inch Transflective TFT LCD Display 240x320
WF0283ATDAJDNN0 2.83 53.1×71.1 44.8×59 43.2×57.6 3H SPI,MCU,RGB HX8367-A Np 500 No -20~70
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