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7 inch All in One TFT - Clever System


►Size : 7”
►Resolution : 800x480 dots
►View Direction : 12H
►Interface : UART/SPI
►Built-in Controller : STM32
►Control-Board : Yes
►Brightness(cd/m2) : 350
►Frame Through Hole : Yes
►Touch Screen : Projected Capacitive Touch Panel (PCAP)
►Detect Point : 1 Finger
►Development board optional:
--For test function
--Dimension: 37 x 50 x 12 mm
--USB input


WF70MTIBGDRGA is a 7 inch M Series TFT-LCD display with Projected Capacitive Touch Panel (PCAP). Winstar TFT M Series which we called "Clever System" is an easy access system for users to begin exploring the TFT display on their applications.  The M Series TFT is an "all in one system" which supports two kinds of user interfaces; the UART interface and SPI interface, also build in USB to UART protocol (COM Port mode) as well.

WF70M series includes the microcontroller STM32 (CPU Speed 180M Hz) on control board, it supports backlight brightness adjust, PWM signal output and 4 switches button sensor. Winstar designed an UI (user interface).  By using Winstar TFT UI program and firmware, users can accelerate the project development.  The upgrade version firmware for WF70M now is available; please contact us for more details. 

WF70M model is available with high brightness options as well. This TFT LCD Display can be operating at temperatures from -20℃ to +70℃; its storage temperatures range from -30℃ to +80℃.


Winstar 4.3 inch Clever System TFT Display  - WF70MTIBGDRGA - Winstar




Pin Symbol I/O Function
1 GND Power Supply Power Ground
2 TX O Uart Transmit pin
3 RX I Uart Receive pin
4 VBUS Power Supply Power supply : 5V
5 D+ I/O USB Data +
6 D- I/O USB Data -
7 GND Power Supply Power Ground
8 RST I Reset (active Low)
9 GND Power Supply Power Ground
10 PWM O Pulse width modulation
11 GND Power Supply Power Ground
12 VBUS Power Supply Power supply : 5V


Pin Symbol I/O Function
1 GND Power Supply Power Ground
2 SW1 I Switch ( active low)
3 SW2 I Switch ( active low)
4 SW3 I Switch ( active low)
5 SW4 I Switch ( active low)
6 GND Power Supply Power Ground
7 SDI O Master Input Slave Output (MISO)
8 SDO I Master Output Slave Input (MOSI)
9 SCK I Serial Clock
10 SCS I Serial Chip selection
11 SPI_INT O Serial Interrupt
12 VBUS Power Supply Power supply : 5V


Pin Symbol Function
1 NC No connection
2 D- Data line -
3 D+ Data line +
4 GND Power Ground
5 GND Power Ground

General Specifications

Item Dimension Unit
Size 7 inch
Dot Matrix 800 × RGB × 480(TFT) dots
Module dimension 180.0(W) × 101.2(H) × 15.0 (D) mm
Active area 154.08 × 85.92 mm
Dot pitch 0.0642 × 0.179 mm
LCD type TFT, Normally White, Transmissive
View Direction 12 o'clock
Gray Scale Inversion Direction 6 o'clock
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Backlight Type LED, Normally White
TFT Interface Uart 19200 Baud rate/SPI
PCAP IC ILI2130 or Equivalent
PCAP FW Version 0x07.0x00.0x00.0x00.0x65.0x90.0x00.0x01
PCAP Resolution 16384*16384
Touch Panel Projected capacitive touch panel (PCAP)
Surface Glare
Operating mode Slave mode
Flash Memory Size 32M bits
SD card format FAT, exFAT

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operating Temperature TOP -20 +70
Storage Temperature TST -30 +80

Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol Condition Min Typ Max Unit
Supply Voltage For LCM VBUS 4.5 5 5.5 V
Supply Current For LCM IBUS 520 780 mA
Power Consumption VBUS=5V 2250 3685 mW

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