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122x32 Mono Graphic LCD Display with SBN1661G IC

Model No. WG12232BP1

►Graphic LCD 122x32
►Available for internal oscillation 2KHz
►IC: SBN1661G
►1/32 duty cycle
►5V power supply
►White LED backlight not available
►Interface: 6800


WG12232BP1 is a 122x32 mono graphic LCD display module which is having the outline size 65.4 x 28.32 mm and AA size of 48.76 x 14.36 mm, diagonal size 2.0 inch. This 122x32 graphic LCD module is built in with SBN1661G controller IC or equivalent IC.  It supports 6800 8-bit parallel interface and supports 5V power supply only.  WG12232BP1 and WG12232G are having the same outline dimension and VA and AA size, but the pinout of these two types are different. The WG12232G is having FFC on module, as to the WG12232BP1 is having connecter not FFC.


122x32 Mono Graphic LCD Display with SBN1661G IC - WG12232BP1


Interface Pin Function

Pin No. Symbol Description
1 VDD Power supply for logic
2 VSS Ground
3 VO Contrast Adjustment
4 RES Controller reset signal, Active Low
5 E1 Enable signal
6 E2 Enable signal
7 R/W Read/Write select signal
8 A0 Data/ Instruction  select signal
9~16 DB0~DB7 Data bus line
17 A Power supply for B/L +
18 K Power supply for B/L -

Mechanical Data

Item Standard Value Unit
Module Dimension 65.4 × 28.2 mm
Viewing Area 54.8 × 19.0 mm
Dot Pitch 0.40 × 0.45 mm
Dot Size 0.36 × 0.41 mm

Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol Standard Value
Input Voltage VDD 5.0 V
Recmmended LCD Driving
Voltage for Normal Temp.
Version module @25°C
VDD-VO 4.70 V

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