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FSC-LCD (Field Sequential Color-LCD)

Model No. FSC LCD

►Color STN
►LCD Thickness:1.1mm
►Operation Temp.: 0~+50°C
►Storage Temp.: -20~+70°C
►Drive Method: Static
►Best Contrast VOP: 10V~20V
►Best View Angle 6:00. 12:00.
►Connect Method: COG/COB


In an effort to provide a different option for Color STN, Winstar provide a solution of FSC-LCD (Field Sequential Color-LCD).  The FSC LCD is using a high speed LCD mode and an R, G, B LED backlight to display them in order.  The FSC-LCD technology eliminates the need for the color filter; it changes the display color by software only.  We provide customer solution only without standard types for option. The tooling charge and MOQ will be depends on design/size.    


FSC LCD, Field Sequential Color LCD, Color STN - Winstar Display


  Item Description
1 LCD Type FSC LCD+快速液晶
2 Viewing Direction 12H
3 Drive Method 1/1 duty; 1/1bias
4 Polarizer Mode Positive white transmissive
5 Operating Voltage 3.0V
6 Operating Temperature 0℃~50℃
7 Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃


Pin No. Symbol
1 Vss
2 Vdd
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