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FSC LCD, Field Sequential Color-LCD

Winstar's custom product FSC-LCD (Field Sequential Color-LCD Display) featured:

  • Custom Design Solution
  • Get Color LCD Modules Simply: Without color filter
  • Display pattern color change easily: By software
  • High Contrast and vivid color display
  • Must with a RGB LED backlight
  • Switch color to monochrome by closing the backlight
  • Low cost: Efficient solution compare with color STN

FSC (Field sequential color) LCD is using a high speed LCD mode and an R, G, B LED backlight to display them in order.  The FSC-LCD technology eliminates the need for the color filter; it changes the display color by software only.

FSC-LCD Technical Theory:
To divide a full color image into 3 images with primary color (R, G, B) and display them in order. Due to human being’s persistence of vision, the 3 images will re-organize in human being’s brain.  FSC-LCD Operation Theory: FSC-LCD would need 3 times (180 Hz) frequency of image updating.  Also, it requires 3 times (5 mS) of response time comparing to normal STN (16 mS).

FSC-LCD (Field Sequential Color-LCD) Applications:
Home Application, Game Machine, Instrument, Public information display.


  • LCD Thickness:1.1mm
  • Operation Temp.: 0~+50°C
  • Storage Temp.: -20~+70°C  
  • Drive Method: Static
  • Best Contrast VOP: 10V~20V  
  • Best View Angle 6:00. 12:00.
  • Connect Method: COG/COB

Filter Results

Filter Results

√ Select Display Format Picture Model No. Outline Dimension
Color STN, FSC-LCD (Field Sequential Color-LCD)
FSC LCD 93×70 Static
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