ホーム 製品 COG LCD 表示器 WO240128A

COG モノクロディスプレイ 240x128

型番 WO240128A

►COG タイプの LCD モジュール
►240x128 ドット
►IC: UC1608
►3V 電源電圧
►1/128 duty cycle
►インターフェース: 6800/8080/SPI


COG LCD Display 240x128 - Winstar WO240128A
Data source ref:WO240128A-TFH#



Pin No. 記号 Level 説明
1 VB1- PWR LCD Bias Voltages. These are the voltage source to provide SEG driving currents. These voltages are generated internally. Connect capacitors of CBX between VBX+ and VBX–.
The resistance of these four traces directly affects the SEG driving strength of the resulting LCD module. Minimize the trace resistance is critical in achieving high quality image.
2 VB1+
3 VB0-
4 VB0+
5 VLCD PWR Main LCD Power Supply. Connect these pins together.
6 VBIAS I This is the reference voltage to generate the actual SEG driving voltage. VBIAS can be used to fine tune VLCD by external variable resistors. Internal resistor network has been provided to simplify external trimming circuit.
In COF application, connect a small bypass capacitor between VBIAS and VSS to reduce noise.
7 VSS PWR Ground
8 VDD PWR Supply Voltage for logic
9 D7 I/O Bi-directional bus for both serial and parallel host interfaces.
In serial modes, connect D[0] to SCK, D[3] to SDA,
D1 D1 D1/D5 - -
D2 D2 D2/D6 - -
D4 D4 - - -
D5 D5 - - -
D6 D6 - S9 S8/S8uc
D7 D7 0 1 1
Connect unused pins to VDD or VSS.
10 D6
11 D5
12 D4
13 D3
14 D2
15 D1
16 D0
17 WR1 I WR[1:0] controls the read/write operation of the host interface. See Host Interface section for more detail.
In parallel mode, WR[1:0] meaning depends on whether the interface is in the 6800 mode or the 8080 mode. In serial interface modes, these two pins are not used, connect them to VSS.
18 WR0
19 CD I Select Control data or Display data for read/write operation. In S9 mode, CD pin is not used. Connect CD to VSS when not used. ”L”: Control data ”H”: Display data
20 RST I When RST=”L”, all control registers are re-initialized by their default states.
Since UC1608x has built-in Power-ON-Reset and Software Reset command, RST pin is not required for proper chip operation. When RST is not used, connect the pin to VDD.
21 CS I Chip Select. The chip is selected when CS=”H”. When the chip is not selected, D[7:0] will be high impedance.
22 BM0 I Bus mode: The interface bus mode is determined by BM[1:0] and D[7:6] by the following relationship:
BM[1:0] D[7:6] Mode
11 Data 6800/8-bit
10 Data 8080/8-bit
1 0X 6800/8-bit
0 0X 8080/8-bit
1 10 3-wire SPI w/9-bit token
(S9: conventionl)
0 10 4-wire SPI w/8-bit token
(S8: conventionl)
0 11 3- or 4-wire SPI w/8-bit token
(S8uc: Ultra-Compact)
23 BM1


項目 標準値 単位
表示形式 240 x 128 ドット
モジュールサイズ 98.7 x 67.7 x 9.5 (Max) mm
表示エリア 92.0 x 53.0 mm
有効エリア 83.975 x 44.775 mm
ドットサイズ 0.325 x0.325 mm
ドットピッチ 0.35 x 0.35 mm
駆動方法 1/128 , 1/12 Bias
バックライトタイプ LED
IC UC1608
Supply Current(No include LED Backlight) 6800/8080/3 wire SPI/4 wire SPI


項目 記号 最小値 典型値 最大値 単位
操作温度 TOP -20 +70
保存温度 TST -30 +80
ロジック電源電圧 VDD -0.3 +4.0 V
LCD Generator supply voltage VDD2 -0.3 +4.0 V
LCD Generated voltage VLCD -0.3 +17.8 V


項目 記号 条件 最小値 典型値 最大値 単位
ロジック電源電圧 VDD-VSS 2.7 2.8~3.3 3.6 V
LCM供給電圧 V0-VSS Ta=-20℃



高レベル入力電圧 VIH 0.8 VDD V
低レベル入力電圧 VIL 0.2VDD V
高レベル出力電圧 VOH 0.8VDD V
低レベル出力電圧 VOL 0.2VDD V
供給電流 IDD VDD=3.0V 1.1 mA

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