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N° de modèle WEO128128D-CTP

►Type: Graphique
►Structure: COG
►Dimension: 1.18 pouces
►Matrice de points 128x128
►Contrôleur intégré SSD1327
►Alimentation 3V
►1/128 duty
►Interface: SPI, I2C
►Avec dalle tactile capacitive (CTP)
►Detect Point : 1 Finger
►Couleur d'affichage: Blanc / Jaune / Bleu ciel (have high MOQ)
►Support Grayscale




1.18" 128x128 Round OLED Display Module with Touch Screen - WEO128128D-CTP
Data source ref: WEO128128DWPP3D00001


Fonction PIN sur l'interface

No. Symbole Function
1 VSS Ground pin. It must be connected to external ground.
2 VCC Power supply for panel driving voltage. This is also the most positive power voltage supply pin. It is supplied by external high voltage source.
3 VCOMH COM signal deselected voltage level.
A capacitor should be connected between this pin and VSS. No external power supply is allowed to connect to this pin.
4 VCI Low voltage power supply and power supply for interface logic level. It should match with the MCU interface voltage level and must be connected to external source.
VCI must always set to be equivalent to or higher than VDD.
5 VDD Power supply pin for core logic operation.
6 BS1 MCU bus interface selection pins. Select appropriate logic setting as described in the following table. BS1 is pin select.
Bus Interface selection
BS1 Interface
0 4-line SPI
1 I2C
Note  (1) 0 is connected to VSS  (2) 1 is connected to VCI
7 IREF This pin is the segment output current reference pin
8 CS# This pin is the chip select input connecting to the MCU.
The chip is enabled for MCU communication only when CS# is pulled LOW (active LOW).
9 RES# This pin is reset signal input.
When the pin is pulled LOW, initialization of the chip is executed.
Keep this pin pull HIGH during normal operation.
10 DC# This pin is Data/Command control pin connecting to the MCU.
When the pin is pulled HIGH, will be interpreted as data.
When the pin is pulled LOW, will be transferred to a command register
In I2C mode, this pin acts as SA0 for slave address selection.
11 D0 When serial interface mode is selected, D0 will be the serial clock input: SCLK; D1 will be the serial data input: SDIN and D2 should be kept NC.
When I2C mode is selected, D2, D1 should be tied together and serve as SDAout , SDAin in application and D0 is the serial clock input, SCL.
12 D1
13 D2
14 TP_SCK I2C clock signal
15 TP_SDA I2C data signal
16 TP_INT Interrupt signal
17 VCC Power supply for panel driving voltage. This is also the most positive power voltage supply pin.
18 VSS Ground

Données mécaniques

Article Dimensions Unité
Matrice de points 128 × 128 Dots
Dimensions du module Ø50.5 × 5.0 mm
Zone active Ø30.0 mm
Pixel Size 0.210 × 0.210 mm
Pixel Pitch 0.235 × 0.235 mm
Mode d'affichage Matrice passive
Couleur d'affichage Monochrome
Drive Duty 1/128Duty
Gray Scale 4 bits
IC SSD1327
Interface double ligne 4-line SPI , I2C
Diagonale 1.18 pouces
Detect Point 1
PCAP Interface I2C
PCAP Surface Hardness 6H

Valeurs nominales maximales absolues

Parameter Symbole Min Max Unité
Supply Voltage for Operation VCI -0.3 4.0 V
Supply Voltage for Logic VDD -0.5 2.75 V
Supply Voltage for Display VCC -0.5 19.0 V
Température de fonctionnement TOP -20 +50 °C
Température de stockage TSTG -30 +70 °C

Caractéristiques électroniques

DC Caractéristiques électroniques

Article Symbole État Min Typ Max Unité
Supply Voltage for Logic VCI 2.8 3.0 3.3 V
Supply Voltage for Display VCC 14.0 14.5 15.0 V
High Level Input VIH 0.8×VCI VCI V
Low Level Input VIL 0 0.2×VCI V
High Level Output VOH Iout = 100uA 0.9×VCI VCI V
Low Level Output VOL Iout = 100uA 0 0.1×VCI V
50% Check Board operating Current VCC =14.5V 24 36 mA


Touch Panel Controller IT7259

Article Symbole État Min Typ Max Unité
Input High Volt. VIH COMS 1.2 V
Input Low Volt. VIL COMS 0.5 V
Output High Volt. VOH IOH = 2mA 2.4 V
Output Low Volt. VOL IOL = 2mA 0.4 V

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