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Painel OLED COG 1,5 polegadas 128x128 com PCB

Model No. WEA128128A

►Tipo: Gráfico
►Estrutura: COG+PCB
►Tamanho: 1,5 polegadas
►Matriz de pontos 128 x 128
►Alimentação 3.3V/5V
►1/128 duty
►Interface: SPI, option I2C
►Display Color: Branco / Amarelo
►Support Grayscale



OLED 1.5 inch,1.5 OLED Display, 1.5 inch OLED Display, 1.5 inch OLED Module - WEA128128A

Data source ref: WEA128128AWAP3N00000


Função do pino de interface

No. Símbolo Função
1 GND This is a ground pin.
2 VCC Power supply for panel driving voltage. This is also the most positive power voltage supply pin. It is supplied by external high voltage source.
3 D0 These pins are bi-directional data bus connecting to the MCU data bus.
Unused pins are recommended to tie LOW.
When serial interface mode is selected, D0 will be the serial clock input: SCLK; D1 will be the serial data input: SDIN and D2 should be kept NC.
4 D1
5 RES# This pin is reset signal input.
When the pin is pulled LOW, initialization of the chip is executed.
Keep this pin pull HIGH during normal operation.
6 D/C# This pin is Data/Command control pin connecting to the MCU.
When the pin is pulled HIGH, the data at D[7:0] will be interpreted as data.
When the pin is pulled LOW, the data at D[7:0] will be transferred to a command register.
7 CS# This pin is the chip select input connecting to the MCU.
The chip is enabled for MCU communication only when CS# is pulled LOW (active LOW).

Dados Mecânicos

Item Dimensão Unidade
Matriz de pontos 128 x 128 Pontos
Dimensão do módulo 34.2 x 45.5 x 3.16 mm
Área ativa 26.86 x 26.86 mm
Tamanho do ponto 0.185 x 0.185 mm
Distância entre pontos 0.210 x 0.210 mm
Modo de exibição Passive Matrix
Cor de exibição Monochrome
Drive Duty 1/128 Duty
Gray Scale 4 bits
IC SSD1327
Interface 4-Wire SPI
Tamanho 1,5 polegadas

Classificações Máximas Absolutas

Parameter Símbolo Valor Min Valor Máximo Unidade
Supply Voltage for Logic VCC 1.65 5.5 V
Temperatura de operação TOP -40 +80 °C
Temperatura de armazenamento TSTG -40 +85 °C

Características Eletrônicas

Item Símbolo Condição Valor Min Valor Típico Valor Máximo Unidade
Supply Voltage for Logic(3V/5V) VCC 2.8 3.3 5.2 V
Input High Volt. VIH 0.8×VCC VCC V
Input Low Volt. VIL 0 0.2×VCC V
Output High Volt. VOH 0.9×VCC VCC V
Output Low Volt. VOL 0 0.1×VCC V
50% Check Board operating Current ICC VCC=3.3V 160 320 mA
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