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N° de modèle WO240128B

►Afficheur COG
►Afficheur graphique
►240 x 128 points
►Contrôleur intégré ST7586S-G4
►Alimentation +3.3V
►Taux de rafraichissement 1/128 duty cycle
►Interface : 6800/8080/SPI


Chip on Glass  LCD Module 240x128 - WO240128B


Fonction PIN sur l'interface

Pin No. Symbole Description
1 ESD GND Electro-Static discharge
2 VG VG is the power of SEG-drivers
3 XV0 Negative operating voltage of COM-drivers
4 V0 Positive operating voltage of COM-drivers
5 VM VM is the non-select voltage level of COM-drivers
6 VDDA Power supply
7 VSS Ground
8 VD1 Digital power source selection
9 VDDI VDD1 is the power of interface I/O circuit
10 CSB Chip select input pin
CSB=“L”: This chip is selected and the MPU interface is active
CSB=“H”: This chip is not selected and the MPU interface is disabled
(D[7:0] are high impedance)
These pins select interface operation mode

Note: Refer to “Interface Selection” for detailed information
14 RSTB Reset input pin. When RSTB is “L”, internal initialization procedure is executed
15 /RD(E) Read / Write execution control pin. (This pin is only used in parallelinterface)

This pin is not used in serial interfaces and should be connected to VDD1
16~23 D7~D0 The bi-directional data bus of the MPU interface. When CSB is “H”, they are high impedance
If using serial interface:
D0 is the SDA signal in 4-Line & 3-Line interface
D1 is the A0 signal in 4-Line interface
24 /WR/(R/W) Read / Write execution control pin. (This pin is only used in parallel interface)

This pin is not used in serial interfaces and should be connected to VDD1
25 A0(SCL) The function of this pin is different in parallel and serial interface
In parallel interface: A0 is register selection input
A0 = "H": inputs on data bus are display data
A0 = "L": inputs on data bus are command
In serial interface: this pad will be used as SCL (serial-clock) input
26 ESD GND Electro-Static discharge

Données mécaniques

Article Dimensions Unité
Nombre d'points 240 × 128
Dimensions du module 122.2 × 79.8 × 6.5 mm
Zone d'affichage 114.0 × 64.0 mm
Zone active 107.98 × 57.58 mm
Taille des points 0.43 × 0.43 mm
Pas des points 0.45 × 0.45 mm
Méthode de commande 1/128Duty,1/12Bias
Type de rétroéclairage LED
IC ST7586S

Valeurs nominales maximales absolues

Article Symbole Min Typ Max Unité
Température de fonctionnement TOP -20 +70
Température de stockage TST -30 +80
Digital Power Supply Voltage VDDI -0.3 3.6 V
Analog Power supply voltage VDDA -0.3 3.6 V
LCD Power supply voltage V0-XV0 -0.3 19 V
LCD Power supply voltage VG -0.3 5.5 V

Caractéristiques électroniques

Article Symbole État Min Typ Max Unité
Supply Voltage For Logic VDD-VSS 3.0 3.3 3.6 V
Supply Voltage For LCM VOP Ta=-20℃



Input High Volt. VIH 0.7VDD VDD V
Input Low Volt. VIL Vss 0.3 VDD V
Output High Volt. VOH 0.8 VDD VDD V
Output Low Volt. VOL Vss 0.2VDD V
Supply Current IDD VDD=3.3V 2.0 mA

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