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Monochrome TFT LCD Panel

Winstar Mono TFT LCD series are monochrome displays, but applied in the active matrix TFT technology. Winstars Monochrome TFT LCD are a low cost alternative to full color displays offering an impressive enhancement to a conventional STN graphic display. The mono TFT display performance is much better on contrast, brightness and response time than traditional monochrome LCD module. Important features include:

  • Very high contrast: 800:1 or 900:1
  • Brightness: 500~ 1000cd/m2
  • Available sizes: 3.5", 5.7"and 6.2"
  • Wide viewing angle

It is a special technology, not like common color TFT; monochrome TFT has a very good contrast radio. Monochrome TFT LCD is an ideal high performance display for automotive and industrial applications.  Driving this kind display is less complex, but monochrome TFT sill offers the same performance characteristics as full color TFT.

Filter Results

Filter Results

Select Display Format Picture Model No. Size
Outline Dimension
Viewing Area
Active Area
View Direction Interface Built-in Controller Control-Board Brightness
Frame Through Hole Touch Screen Temperature
3.5 Wide Temperature Mono TFT LCD
WF35NTVAJDNN0 3.5 62.9×86.54 56.16×73.04 53.28×71.04 VA Glass MCU ST7511 No 500 No No -30~80
5.7 inch Monochrome TFT Display
WF57STIACDNN0 5.7 160×109 118.28×88.64 115.2×86.4 12H MCU ST7511 No 1000 Yes No -20~70
tft monochrome, 5.7 tft monochrome
WF57STIACDNT0 5.7 160×109 118.28×88.64 115.2×86.4 12H MCU ST7511 No 700 Yes RTP -20~70
5.7 Monochrome TFT LCD (CTP)
WF57STIACDNG0 5.7 160×109 118.28×88.64 115.2×86.4 12H MCU ST7511 No 800 Yes PCAP -20~70
6.2 TFT LCD Monochrome Display
WF62ATXGRDNN0 6.2 170.32×88.3 141.6×73.4 140×70 VA Glass MCU ST7511 No 600 Yes No -20~70
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