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COG LCD Displays, Chip on Glass LCD Modules, COG LCM

Winstar COG LCD modules (Chip-on-Glass LCD Module) monochrome display provides graphic type in resolution of 128x64 to 320x240 and COG LCD character types including size of 16x2, 20x2, 20x4, 24x2 formats with 5x8 dot matrix.

The COG package offers high quality with the benefits of light weight, and low power consumption. Also, it is available to add a connection board for each item to change the interface from FPC to pins or cables.  We can offer a variety of pin out connections to suit your requirements.  The COG LCM technology is very suitable for the applications that demand more compact package displays.

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Select Display Format Picture Model No. Structure Outline Dimension
Viewing Area
Active Area
Dot Pitch
Dot Size
Duty Interface Bulit-in Controller
I2C LCD Display Module, I2C Display, I2C LCD 16x2, I2C LCD Module
WO1602B COG 85x30 76x18 73.81x15.88 0.79x0.97 0.75x0.90 1/16 I2C ST7032i
Chip-on-Glass LCD Module 16x2
WO1602F COG 72.1x29.6 61x15.1 56.2x11.5 0.60x0.70 0.55x0.65 1/16 6800,SPI,I2C ST7032i
Winstar LCD 16x2, COG LCD Module 16x2
WO1602G COG 74.2x25.2 61x15.1 56.2x11.5 0.60x0.70 0.55x0.65 1/16 I2C ST7032i
LCD COG Display, LCD COG, I2C 16x2 LCD
WO1602H COG 62.8x23 51.5x12.2 47.6x9.74 0.53x0.59 0.48x0.54 1/16 I2C ST7032i
COG Monochrome LCD Display Module 16x2
WO1602I COG 51.2x20.7 40x10 38x8 0.41x0.48 0.36x0.43 1/16 I2C ST7032i
20x2 COG LCD Module, 20x2 LCD Display
WO2002A COG 74.2x25.2 61x15.1 58.5x9.84 0.50x0.59 0.45x0.54 1/16 I2C ST7036i
20x4 LCD Module, COG LCD Display 20x4
WO2004A COG 74.3x36.4 60.5x22.18 58.5x20.18 0.50x0.59 0.45x0.54 1/33 I2C SSD1803AM1Z
24x2 COG LCD Display, I2C Interface LCD Display
WO2402A COG 86.2x24.7 72.3x11.84 70.3x9.84 0.50x0.59 0.45x0.54 1/17 I2C RW1062
128x64 COG LCD Module
WO12864A1 COG 60.1x44.5 54.6x32 49.89x27.49 0.39x0.43 0.36x0.40 1/65 6800,8080,SPI ST7565P
128x64 COG LCD Modules
WO12864B COG 89.7x49.8 69x36.5 63.97x31.97 0.50x0.50 0.47x0.47 1/65 6800,8080,SPI ST7565P
Chip-on-Glass LCD Module 128x64
WO12864C2 COG 55.2x39.8 45.2x27 40.92x24.28 0.32x0.38 0.28x0.34 1/64 6800,8080,SPI ST7565P
LCD COG Module 128x64
WO12864D2 COG 90x52.8 70.7x38.8 66.52x33.24 0.52x0.52 0.48x0.48 1/64 6800,8080,SPI ST7565P
128x64 COG Displays (Chip on Glass Display)
WO12864D3 COG 80x54 70.7x38.8 66.52x33.24 0.52x0.52 0.48x0.48 1/64 6800,8080,SPI ST7565P
Monochrome Displays, Display COG 128x64
WO12864H COG 80x54 70.7x38.8 66.52x33.24 0.52x0.52 0.48x0.48 1/65 6800,8080,SPI ST7567-G
Monochrome LCD
WO14464A5 COG 80x54 70.7x38.8 64.78x33.26 0.45x0.52 0.43x0.50 1/64 6800,8080,SPI RA8816N

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