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Date Dec 16, 2016

Shipping Arrangement before Stocktaking & Holiday Notice

Winstar Display will have annual stocktaking from December 28 thru 30, 2016 for the Taiwan and China plants. Please note that all the shipping arrangement during this period will be forbidden. Winstar Display Taiwan Headquarters and Taipei Branch will be closed from December 24 thru December 26 for National Holiday; our ERP system will be closed for stocktaking from December 27 thru 30, 2016. The 2017 New Year Holiday is from December 31 thru January 2, 2017; we will return to work on January 3, 2017. Please notice the shipping date before and after holidays and our annual stocktaking.

Below is the last shipping date and the first shipping date for this period as reference. Please work with Winstar sales persons closely before the stocktaking and holiday if your shipment might be affected. Thank you.

Shipping From China
►Last shipping date: December 28, 2016
►First shipping date: January 4, 2017
Shipping From Taiwan
►Last shipping date: December 23, 2016
►First shipping date: January 3, 2017

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