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Model No. WO12864T

►LCD COG 128x64
►LCD Gráfico
►Controlador ST7565P integrado
►Alimentação 3,3V
►1/65 duty cycle, 1/9 bias
►Interface : 6800/8080/SPI





Interface Pin Function

Pin No. Symbol I/O Description
1 VDD _ Power supply pin for logic.
2 VSS _ Ground pin, connected to 0V
3 /CS1 I Chip select input pin. Interface access is enabled when CS1B is "L" and CB2 is "H". When chip is on-active (CS1B="H" or CS2="L"), D[7:0] pins are high impedance.
4 CS2
5 /RES I Hardware reset input pin. When RSTB is "L", internal initialization is executed and the internal registers will be initialized.
6 A0 I It determines whether the access is related to data or command.
A0="H": Indicates that signals on D[7:0] are display data.
A0="L": Indicates that signals on D[7:0] are command.
7 R/W I Read/Write execution control pin. When PSB is "H",
RWR is not used in serial interface and should fix to "H" by VDD.
C86 MPU Type RWR Description
H 6800 series R/W Read/Write control input pin.
L 8080 series /WR Write enable input pin.
Signals on D[7:0] will be latched at the rising edge of /WR signal.
8 E I Read/Write execution control pin. When PSB is "H",
C86 MPU Type ERD Description
H 6800 series E Read/Write control input pin.
R/W="H": When E is "H", D[7:0] are in output mode.
R/W="L": Signals on D[7:0] are latched at the falling edge of E signal
L 8080 series /RD Read enable input pin.
When /RD is "L", D[7:0] are in output mode.

ERD is not used in serial interface and should fix to "H" by VDD.
9-16 D0-D7 I/O Data bus line
17 C86 I C86 selects the microprocessor type in parallel interface mode.
PSB C86 Selected Interface
"H" "H" Parallel 6800 Series MPU Interface
"H" "L" Parallel 8080 Series MPU Interface
"L" "X" Serial 4-Line SPI Interface

Please refer to "APPLICATION NOTES" and "Microprocessor Interface" (Section 6) for detailed connection of the selected interface.
18 P/S I PSB selects the interface type: Serial or Parallel.

General Specification

Item Dimension Unit
Number of dots 128 × 64
Module dimension 38.0 × 26.42 × 8.8 mm
View area 29.58 × 16.22 mm
Active area 25.58 × 14.06 mm
Dot size 0.18 × 0.20 mm
Dot pitch 0.20 × 0.22 mm
Duty 1/65 DUTY,1/9 BIAS
Backlight Type LED
IC ST7565P

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operating Temperature TOP -20 +70
Storage Temperature TST -30 +80
Power Supply Voltage VDD -0.3 3.6 V
Power supply voltage (VDD standard) V0, VOUT -0.3 14.5 V
Power supply voltage (VDD standard) V1, V2, V3, V4 -0.3 V0+0.3 V

Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Supply Voltage For Logic VDD-VSS 3.0 3.3 V
Supply Voltage For LCD VOP Ta=-20℃



Input High Volt. VIH 0.8 VDD VDD V
Input Low Volt. VIL Vss 0.2 VDD V
Output High Volt. VOH 0.8 VDD VDD V
Output Low Volt. VOL Vss 0.2 VDD V
Supply Current IDD VDD=3.3V 2.0 mA

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