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تاریخ Apr 30, 2015

Winstar 2015 Product Seminar in Europe

Thanks to the customers for attending the Winstar 2015 Product Seminar in Poland on April 30th. We appreciated for all the participants attending this workshop since this was first time Winstar hold an overseas seminar and we could not succeed it without your participation. Furthermore, we would like to take this chance to express our thanks and  appreciation to the staff of Unisystem Co, especially to Mr. Sławomir Szweda and Mr. Kamil Kozłowski. Without your assistance and support, we couldn’t make it happened. 
From the questionnaire, the customers gave us a very high score for all aspects of this seminar. The overall rating score for this seminar we got is 89 and over 95% participants stated that they are willing to attend the seminar again in future. We are glad that the customers agreed the seminar informative and worthwhile. Our primary goal was to improve the customers’ awareness and understanding of Winstar products and we did reach this goal and be even more of a success. 
There were many topics covered during the seminar and the presenters did outstanding jobs of sharing their expertise with you. If you still have questions about Winstar STN, TFT, OLED products, welcome to contact with our sales team or presenters. Or if you need the details or the contents of this seminar, please feel free to contact us. Once again, thank you for being part of Winstar 2015 product seminar in Europe and thanks for your comments and suggestions; we assure you that we will do better in the future.

Winstar 2015 Product Seminar in Europe
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