Accueil Produits Afficheur TFT Module LCD TFT standard WF28GTLAJDNN0

2.8 pouces TFT LCD, 240×320

N° de modèle WF28GTLAJDNN0

►Dimension: 2.8 pouces
►Résolution d’écran: 240×320 points
►Vue préférentielle 6h
►Interface: SPI
►IC Part No.: Himax8347-I
►Carte de contrôle : NON
►Luminosité (Cd/m²): 500
►Holding frame with fixing points: NON
►Dalle tactile: NON


2.8 inch TFT Color Display 240x320 - WF28GTLAJDNN0 - Winstar



LCM PIN Definition

NO Symbole Function
1 GND Ground
2 LED+ Anode of LED backlight.
3 LED- Cathode of LED backlight.
4 GND Ground
5 VDD Power supply(TYP:2.8V).
6 RESET System reset pin.
7 SDA Serial data input pin and output pin(SDA) in serial bus system interface I.
​Serial data input pin (SDI) in serial bus system interface II. The data is inputted on the rising edge of the SCL signal.
If not used, please let it open or connected to VSSD.
8 SCL (NWR) Write enable pin I80 parallel bus system interface.
(SCL) server as serial data clock in serial bus system interface
when IFSEL=0.
Fix it to IOVCC or VSSD level when not used.
9 CS Chip select signal.
Low: chip can be accessed;
High: chip cannot be accessed. Must be connected to VSSD if not in use.
10 RS Command / parameter or display data selection pin
11 GND Ground
12 SDO Serial data output pin (SDO) in serial bus system interface II.
If not used, please open this pin.
13 TE Tearing effect output.
If not used, please open this pin
14 IM3 serial interface I  /  serial interface II 
15 GND Ground
16 NC No connect
17 NC No connect
18 NC No connect
19 NC No connect
20 GND Ground

Spécifications générales

Article Dimensions Unité
Dimension 2.8 pouce
Matrice de points 240 x RGB x 320(TFT) points
Dimensions du module 50.0(W) x 69.2(H) x 2.3(D) mm
Zone active 43.2 x 57.6 mm
Pas des points 0.18 x 0.18 mm
Type de LCD TFT, Blanc, Transmissif
Vue préférentielle 6 o'clock
Inversion de sens de l'échelle de gris 12 o'clock
Interface SPI
Rapport d'aspect Portrait
Type de rétroéclairage LED, Blanc
Avec/sans dalle tactile sans dalle tactile
Surface Reflets

Valeurs nominales maximales absolues

Article Symbole Min Typ Max Unité
Température de fonctionnement TOP -20 +70
Température de stockage TST -30 +80

Caractéristiques électroniques

Article Symbole État Min Typ Max Unité
Supply Voltage For Analog VDD 2.4 3.3 V
Supply Current For LCM IDD 5 7.5 mA
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