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As 2017 has been arrived, we would like to thank you for choosing Winstar Display Co. as your display solutions provider and anticipate that the coming years will see our professional relationship thrive and grow to provide mutual benefits to us.

We wish you a very Happy New Year and foresee that the coming years will strengthen our relationship further. Winstar has a very promising year for 2017, as our second OLED panel production line will start mass production in this year. We will have larger capacity in the near future and will continue to dedicate the research & development, design, of new technology of OLED and TFT displays and Embedded System to fulfill customers’ requirement and expectation.

The Chinese companies have a well-known tradition of having year-end party to entertain all employees at a dinner party. Before this Chinese Lunar New Year, Winstar Display held our year-end parties in Taiwan and China this month to show the company’s appreciation to all the employees. This year is a important year to Winstar Group, it’s our 18th Anniversary! Above are the photos of the parties, hoping you share our happiness of the good beginning of the Chinese Year of Rooster and a whole new year to Winstar Group.

Issue No. 98
1. Chinese New Year Holiday Notice
2. Winstar Received Three Awards in a Row
3. Product Introduction -0.91 inch OLED WEO012832F



Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Winstar Display Taiwan office and China factories will be closed from January 27 thru February 1, 2017 for Chinese Lunar New Year Holiday. We will resume work on February 2, 2017. Please notice the shipping date before and after holiday. The China Custom and most of China shipping forwarders will return to work on February 6, please work with Winstar sales closely before the holiday if your shipment might be affected. Thank you.

Shipping From Taiwan
►Last shipping date: January 25, 2017
►First shipping date: February 2, 2017
Shipping From China
►Last shipping date: January 24, 2017
►First shipping date: February 6, 2017
Happy Chinese New Year 2017




Winstar Received Three Awards in a Row

1. National Industrial Innovation Award
2. Taichung City Industrial Innovation Award
3. 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award

We are proud to announce that Winstar Display Co. received three Innovation Awards from Taiwan government institutions recently, the Outstanding Enterprise Innovation Award of the 5th Annual National Industrial Innovation Award, the 3rd Annual Taichung City Industrial Innovation Award and 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award.

These awards were given upon the facts that Winstar Display Co. has shown the ability of innovation and creativity for outstanding performance in all facets of our operations. The National Outstanding Enterprise Innovation Award is rewarded the Organization which is well operations in integration, innovation and value creation of culture, technology and services that have made an influential, innovative and creative contribution to the development of industry in Taiwan.

Winstar OLED products received 4 years of Taiwan Excellence Awards, that making us the only one PMOLED manufacture in Taiwan that has won this award.

The Taiwan Excellence is a award that is delivered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) to encourage Taiwan industries to upgrade and incorporate Innovalues into their products.

Taiwan Excellence is the highest accolade awarded to products that encapsulate Innovalues.  This Award Selection is based on four different criteria: R&D, Design, Quality, and Marketing.  Winstar Display OLED products are innovative and superior in terms of performance, quality, and design; and the products that have been honored with the year of 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award. These Awards are the greatest testimony to our design ability, good quality, and business performance of Winstar Display products.


Winstar Received Three Awards in a Row




Product Introduction -0.91 inch OLED WEO012832F

Winstar WEO012832F is a popular small OLED display which is made of 128x32 pixels, diagonal size 0.91 inch, it’s very suitable for wearable device. The WEO012832F has the same mechanical dimension as WEO012832D but having different pin assignment but supports different interface. WEO012832F module is built in with SSD1306BZ controller IC; it supports I2C interface and having 14 pins FPC pintout.  As to the WEO012832D module is also built in with SSD1306BZ IC but it communicates via SPI interface and having 15 pins FPC pinout. The standard emitting colors for WEO012832F are available in white, sky blue and yellow.

WEO012832F is a COG structure OLED display, it’s controller is built-in voltage generation only need a single 3V power supply.  This OLED module is lightweight, low power and small, this COG module is suitable for wall / meter devices, home applications, POS system, Cloud/IoT system, handheld instruments, intelligent technology devices, energy systems, automotive, communication systems, medical instrument, wearable device, etc. WEO012832F OLED module can be operating at temperatures from -40℃ to +80℃; its storage temperatures range from -40℃ to +80℃.

Item-WEO012832F Dimension
Size 0.91"
Dot Matrix 128 x 32 Dots
Module dimension 30.0× 11.5 × 1.45 mm
Active Area 22.384×5.584  mm
Pixel Size 0.152 × 0.152  mm
Pixel Pitch 0.175 × 0.175 mm
Display Mode Passive Matrix
Display Color Available color: White /Yellow/Sky Blue
Drive Duty 1/32 Duty
Interface I2C
Winstar Display - 0.91 inch OLED WEO012832F
Winstar Display -Product Introduction - 0.91 inch OLED WEO012832F


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